Make Heli Skiing Your New Year’s Resolution

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The New Year may have already begun, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to create a New Year’s resolution. Instead of the stereotypical “lose weight” or “eat healthier” resolutions this year, choose something you actually want to do – mountaintop alpine heli skiing or snowboarding. Your New Year’s adventure begins by helicopter as you’re flown to the top of a snow-covered mountain covered in fresh, untouched powder and continues as you experience the rush of wind on your face, sun on your back, and an entire mountain at your fingertips – it’s hard-core skiing at its best. This year, make BC heli skiing your new year’s resolution. 

In the undeveloped back country, there are no: crowds, noise pollution, lines, chairlifts, or prepared trails. It’s hassle free, and with the help of your very own helicopter, you’ll get to the top of the mountain in minutes – taking in amazing views average skiers won’t ever get to see and carving unbroken powder every run. Heli ski terrain is massive in comparison to other ski resorts – it’s you (and your companions) alone amongst 500,000+ naturally diverse skiable acres.

Guides are the heart of every good heli ski trip and if you choose to book your trip with one of the better trip providers in the area like Great Canadian Heli Skiing, each morning and evening your guides will meet to review the weather, snow data, and field observations. Collected data includes: precipitation, snow base, new snow, temperature, wind speed, wind direction, and humidity. Your guides will analyze data from weather stations to determine the best ski plan for your day. Quality companies ensure that their guides re-train at the beginning of each ski season. Many guides are certified to the highest level of qualifications, and are qualified ski instructors. They have years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the terrain.

Winters can bring up to 60ft of snow to Revelstoke, British Columbia – that’s twice as much powder as other ski resorts. When you plan your 2017 heli skiing trip on Revelstoke mountain, you’re sure to find plenty of fresh, dry powder on any terrain you’d like, including: forests, waterfalls, bowls, and even jagged mountain peaks. Not only that, but this awe-inspiring mountain also has the highest unlimited vertical skiing on the continent. The drop is an incredible 5997ft based on the lowest and highest point, with 5620ft of skiable terrain and the longest run being just over 15km. BC heli skiing can be an intimate experience between you and nature when you really take the time to appreciate your surroundings. Find yourself in the wide-open space, etching these magnificent views into memory. Concentrate on your movements and breathing, all the while feeling the rush of domination as you make your way down the mountain, finding synchronicity in your rhythm.

So, what are you waiting for? Make BC heli skiing your New Year’s resolution this year and find yourself actually appreciating the New Year for once. Take 2 to 6 days, bring a few family members or friends and embark on the trip of a lifetime. After skiing, you all can enjoy the nightlife, hot tub, sauna, the fitness center, game room, wall climbing, lounge and massages that the area has to offer.