Nothing Says Romance Like A Heli Skiing Adventure

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Heli skiing is exhilarating and thrilling anywhere or anytime you go; however, the heights and steep ski runs in British Columbia provide an adrenaline charged experience like no other. In BC, the slopes can be severe and dramatic depending on where you want to go, and they can create a wild ride down the mountain for any ski level. Revelstoke or Golden are two mega mountains located in British Columbia and are some of the best spots to heli ski in the world. If you choose to take a trip there, these two mountains should absolutely be at the top of your list of places to ski. The air is fresh, and you get to breathe in clean, cold, rejuvenating air for the entire length of your stay. On a helicopter skiing adventure, it’s easy to leave all of your problems behind and live in the moment – you will fly free knowing you are having the experience of a lifetime.

Helicopter skiing began in the late 1950’s to allow ski patrol and rangers reach remote terrain; however, Hans Gmoser is attributed as developing remote skiing as a commercial sport in 1965. When you use a helicopter to reach remote and steep mountains, you get to ski off-trail and down electrifying slopes. There are landing zones for the helicopter and your ski or snowboard equipment will be loaded in baskets located on the exterior of the helicopter.

If you choose to take part in a helicopter ski or snowboard trip, it is good to go in small groups with a well-trained guide to take you down the mountain. Having an exceptional guide from one of the more reputable ski companies in the area like Great Canadian Heli Skiing is a wise idea to maximize your pleasure and journey down the demanding mountains, as you will know exactly which areas of the mountain are safe, and which routes will offer you the experience you are looking for. With a quality guide to offer support and guidance, an intermediate level skier should easily be able to heli ski the mountain without to much trouble. When you choose to go helicopter skiing in 2017 with one of the top companies in British Columbia, your guide will be skilled in providing hands-on tutorials to teach you how to operate the equipment and how to interact with the helicopter so that you are absolutely safe on your trip.

On Valentine’s Day, share the skiing experience with a loved one. You and your partner can create an incredible and memorable experience that will further cement your incredible relationship. Heli skiing is the perfect vacation for a Valentine’s Day gift for the person that you care about.

In Revelstoke or Golden, there are also superior resorts with après ski luxury accommodations that are sure to please anyone on this special day – the lodges are beautiful and the food is great. After an awe inspiring day, you and your loved one can return for an evening of fine dining with wine. Retreat to your room with its many amenities, and indulge yourself in the comfort of a finely designed space with hot tubs, spas, and more. Spend the day skiing and the evening relaxing in the romantic, adventure packed vacation of your dreams.