I have an enquiry regarding my magazine membership. Who do I contact?

For all enquiries about your magazine membership, it would be ideal if you email support@justchampmagazine.com or call the live line.

Who do I contact concerning media demands, press releases, news tips, pitches, and blunders?

If you don’t mind see our Contact Us page.

Which browsing app work best in accessing Justchampmagazine.com?

For best outcomes, utilize the most recent version of any prevalent browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox).

Is all of JUST CHAMP’s content accessible on the web?

All Just Champ magazine content is displayed on Justchampmagazine.com. A computerized imitation version of our magazine is likewise accessible for tablets through our application. Issues are accessible for offer, however are free for subscribers. More data about our computerized version is likewise accessible.

Do I require a membership to get to Justchampmagazine.com?

Our web content, magazine content, and files are accessible on Justchampmagazine.com. All viewer can access the landing page, segment front pages, and four articles for every month at no charge before being requested to pay in. Subscribers get boundless access to Justchampmagazine.com, and memberships to the print and digital editions of the magazine. To know more about our paywall, generously contact our editors.

What are different advantages I get with my membership to Justchampmagazine.com?

Viewers see no presentation advertisement while on our site. We are continually consider new advantages and hope to include more later on.

If I sign-up for Justchampmagazine.com, will i receive the print edition?

Most Justchampmagazine.com members get a free print membership, yet in case you decide not to, you will have the chance to quit when you sign up. In the event that you wish to never again get the print membership, you can email support@justchampmagazinemag.com or call live line.

For what reason do I have to “sign in” and “confirm my membership” on Justchampmagazine.com?

So as to have boundless access on Justchampmagazine.com, you need a Justchampmagazine.com login and a substantial membership. In the event that it is your first time registering in to Justchampmagazine.com, you may need to confirm your membership. By then, your membership will be related with your Justchampmagazine.com login and you’ll have boundless access to Justchampmagazine.com and to our magazine application for tablets at no additional charge.

How do I modify my email address or password?

Once Logged in, Clink on My Account, and it will take you to your profile page, where you can deal with your Justchampmagazine.com account data, including your email address and secret key.

I lost my password, or need to reset it. How can I do that?

Click on Sign In tab. Then follow screen incorporates a “Forgot Password?” link, which will lead you through the procedure of resetting your password. Already logged in, just click on My Account interface where you can deal with your Justchampmagazine.com account data.

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by clicking here. If you canceled your subscription, but are still receiving bills, please note that it takes a few days for a cancellation to become effective. Therefore, if you receive any invoices after you have canceled, please disregard them. If you have questions or need further assistance, contact JUST CHAMP MAGAZINE Customer Service toll-free or email us.

What is the status of trackers on Justchampmagazine.com?

The ad-free version of Justchampmagazine.com includes trackers that allow us to measure our traffic and scripts to enable social media sharing. It does not serve any third-party ad tracking, unless there is an embedded video from a site such as YouTube which includes ad tracking.

Is Justchampmagazine.com served perfectly on HTTPS?

Yes, more details can be found on our site.

I don’t want to see ads with Flash in them. How can I turn it off?

To view Justchampmagazine.com with no Flash advertising, disable Flash in your web browser.

Does JUST CHAMP MAGAZINE publish email newsletters?

Yes, we currently publish a daily JUST CHAMP MAGAZINE newsletter and a weekly Gadget Lab newsletter, with plans to introduce many more. You can subscribe to our newsletters.

What is the Get JUST CHAMP MAGAZINE app?

The Get JUST CHAMP MAGAZINE app is the one-stop destination for stories from Just Champ Magazine, Justchampmagazine.com, and Just Champ Magazine events. Download the app to keep up with JUST CHAMP MAGAZINE announcements and to unlock exclusive AR content ahead of the event.