Treat Your Staff To An Axe Throwing Party

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Looking for a way to reward your staff for an excellent year, or need to plan a day or night to build some office camaraderie with a new team? Fancy dinners can get expensive, especially with a large team, and being stuck around a table with coworkers you may not share much in common with isn’t always an event everyone looks forward to. The fact is, staff parties and team building events are difficult to get right, no matter what your budget looks like. It pays to leave the dinner-and-drinks scene behind and get a little adventurous with your company night out, whether you’re a small office, restaurant or store, or planning a big corporate event.

There are plenty of exciting group events you can do in Toronto from wine, beer, and even coffee tastings to cocktail workshops, but if you’re looking for something that’s active but still laid back and lets everyone socialize, consider taking your team axe throwing. In case you’re already saying to yourself, “That sounds crazy,” or you start to wonder whether or not you’re going to have to take out insurance for this, know this: there are plenty of venues where you can throw an axe throwing party in Toronto that takes care of everything. Expert instructors will show your team how to throw an axe safely and accurately and organize a round-robin tournament and elimination round for your group.

So what does an axe throwing party look like when you take your team out to a place like Toronto’s Backyard Axe Throwing League (BATL)?

#1 Instruction –

It all starts when you learn how to throw; an instructor will show you how to grip the handle (similar to the way you would hold a hammer), raise it over your head, take aim, and release it as it becomes perpendicular to your elbow. Finish your follow through in a straight line downward and the projectile should complete a single rotation before it bites into the wooden target.

#2 Head-to-Head –

At first, players face off in one-on-one rounds where they each get five throws with the axe on a standard target. The bullseye is worth five points, the next ring three, and the outer ring one, while up top there are two green dots (the clutch), worth seven points if you land them on your final throw.

#3 Find a Champion –

Once everyone’s had a chance to play several rounds, it’s time to find out who has the sharpest eye with an elimination round that keeps things competitive, in a light-hearted way.

#4 Chow Down –

All of Toronto’s BATL locations let you cater they way you want, so you can bring whatever kind of food you want to keep everyone happy, whether that means pot-luck hors d’oeuvres or pizza and burritos, it’s all up to you and your budget.

If you want to get outside of the box for your team’s next staff party or corporate team building event, axe throwing will fit the bill. Find an afternoon when you can cancel all meetings and treat everyone, or book early for a weekend or evening.