Making The Most Of Your March Break

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While the kids are your family’s pride and joy, it’s okay to admit that having them all home from school for extended periods is tough sometimes. Between your conflicting schedules, their pent-up energy, and your desire for them to make the most out of their break – sometimes sacrifices must be made. Often, you’re the one left to entertain them and feeling exhausted by the end of it.

Here are some ways to make March Break a time for you to relax a little too. Why not send the kids to a friend or family member’s house? Consider also sharing the load with your neighbours. They can take all the kids for one evening, you can take them for another – this allows you to free up some time to schedule a date night, dinner party, or hang out with your friends. Your neighbours probably wouldn’t mind an evening to themselves either at some point during the week.

Another fantastic idea would be to send them to camp; this keeps your kids active and engaged during the day so that when they return, they’ll be happy to quietly watch some television, read a book, and go to bed early to prepare for a full day the next morning. Some unique options include drama camp, gymnastics, adventure camp, or swimming. They won’t have a chance to abandon their sense of routine during the week off, and they might just make some new friends too.

Finally, for the parents who are able to take some time off themselves – going on a family vacation is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with the kids while globetrotting and visiting new places. Alternatively – arrange to go without the kids for a couples retreat. You’ll certainly benefit from some time away from the city, and the chilly weather. Soak in some vitamin D on a sunny beachside vacation and feel re-energized upon your return.

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March Break doesn’t have to be a stressful time for parents if you just take a moment to devise a plan. Why not let the kids in on the fun? Ask them what kind of camps they would be interested in going to – or what friends they would like to visit; maybe there’s a family member they can travel to see for a new experience. Maybe you can even travel together as a family. The timing couldn’t be more perfect to sit your kids down and brainstorm. Allotting the time for something relaxing (or productive) will ensure the time off doesn’t go to waste!