About Me

Losmi Ovic, Digital Marketing & SEO Master

35 years old, Losmi Ovic is a digital marketing and SEO professional who have distinguished himself through hard work. He is someone who makes big promises and yet always manages to keep them, pushing himself day in and day out in order to serve his clients effectively. Gifted with an eye for detail, he picks up on opportunities that others miss and then applies himself wholeheartedly in order to drive top-tier results. He lives and works in Miami, where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Marketing as well, graduating from Miami University.

Losmi is happily married, and he and his wife share their home with their beloved daughter. A former soccer player and coach, he enjoys playing sports and staying active in his free time. Another of his passions is music, which he shares with his daughter readily, spending hours upon hours dancing with her and introducing her to all his favorite tracks.

You can reach me by email owner@justchampmagazine.com.