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How to Create the Perfect Walk-In Wardrobe

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Start by taking inventory of all of the clothes in your closet and decluttering what you no longer need.

Prioritise hanging space and consider using a pull-out clothes rack for hard-to-store items such as ties and scarves. Drawers or storage boxes may help organize smaller items like socks and underwear more efficiently.

Hanging space

Built-in wardrobes make life much simpler by eliminating the hassle of draping dresses over chairs and stuffing hats in your bed. Start by compiling a list of everything you want to store – handbags, jewellery, shoes and fitness gear among them – before organizing all these items together into your new space. Plus it gives you an excuse to go through your belongings and sort out anything no longer worn!

Consider corner shelves to maximize space efficiency, creating more hanging rails in your walk-in wardrobe and giving it a cleaner appearance at once. This keeps all your clothing visible at once!

Ursula Carmona from Home Made By Carmona has created a stylish walk-in wardrobe with a closet vanity to combine style and functionality in one room. She adds a full length mirror for extra glamour in order to find the ideal outfit each morning.


Drawers can be great places for storing clothing items such as underwear, socks and folded accessories, frequently worn shoes and bags as well as infrequently used scarves and belts. Addition of dividers can help organize these accessories better too!

Organize Dwell recommends choosing drawers of a depth of approximately 24 inches for maximum storage capacity. “With a built-in drawer this wide, two stacks of folded shirts or pants can fit neatly inside,” they explain.

Add decorative flair to your drawers by accessorizing with stylish handles. While shaker, beadboard, and eased edge styles tend to increase overall costs, flat European-style drawer fronts may be more budget-friendly and easier to create; plus they require minimal tools and can easily be found online or in home improvement stores. Alternatively, install sliding doors to add an additional level of privacy; this feature is often found in smaller walk-in wardrobes, offering the opportunity for a peaceful beginning to each day.


To make the most of your walk-in wardrobe, it’s essential that there is ample shelving for clothes, shoes and accessories. Wire systems offer improved air circulation for reduced mold growth while material-lined rattan baskets ensure all similar items can easily be located when dressing yourself in the morning.

Drawers and trays are indispensable wardrobe storage ideas, helping keep socks, underwear, shirts and other folded accessories organized in your drawers or trays. Clever dividers can help organize smaller pieces while pull-out shoe racks provide another handy storage option that enables more pairs to be stored at once while providing hygiene.

If your room is larger, consider including an island or dressing table as part of your walk-in wardrobe design for additional clothes storage and personal space for getting ready. Rebel Builders took an innovative approach by using furniture that doubles as room dividers – adding functionality while simultaneously splitting up this spacious walk-in closet design.


Walk-in wardrobes featuring California Closets’s signature sputnik chandelier add drama and magnify clothing and accessories. This focal point provides the space with an unforgettable ambiance.

Drawers and wire baskets keep folded clothing neatly organized, making it easier for you to locate your favourite t-shirt or pair of jeans quickly. Install shelving units to store all sorts of infrequently worn sneakers in drop-front boxes as well as handbags and jewelry in wicker bins.

Strive for bright and easily seen lighting in your wardrobe. If your walk-in wardrobe is large enough, installing dimmers to customize its atmosphere according to what mood you want it to evoke is also a good option; adding strip lighting underneath drawers or cabinets will help illuminate even dark corners in your new closet. Adding accent lights will further heighten the drama in this special space.