Vinyl Skins: A Winter Semester Must-Have

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Whether they’re in high school or university, you want the best for your child as they start school again. Making sure they have the best tools, like the MacBook Pro Retina, is just one of the ways you can help them do their best this school year. Apple’s flagship laptop is a powerful yet portable device that lets them connect with students and teachers alike, read online articles and textbooks, and type up important assignments and essays.

But that’s not the only thing they’ll be doing on campus. When they take to class their Pro, they’re putting this expensive device at risk. Simply by carrying it around in their backpack, your child can accidentally mark up their laptop as they push through the throngs of students in the halls. Once taken out of their backpacks and placed onto desks, they’re vulnerable to dirt, grime, drops, and spilled drinks. If you expect the laptop to survive the remaining school year (or more!) you need to search out skins that are up to the task. These decals are a minor investment compared to the laptop’s initial price, yet they work hard to keep your MacBook safe from daily wear and tear.

These skins are made out of a soft vinyl that wraps seamlessly around the Mac. With precision cut holes accommodating the various port holes, speakers, and bezels, it matches the Pro’s design perfectly, leaving mostly only the touch screen uncovered. Those parts covered by the skin will be safe from sharp objects and rough handling, minimizing cosmetic damages. The vinyl creates an air-tight barrier around the Mac should a spilled drink threaten its gadgetry. It also improves the grip of the Pro, ensuring it stays where it’s supposed to be: in your child’s hand or on their desk.

Protection is something parents can appreciate after they’ve footed the bill for their child’s laptop. The cool designs these skins can come in are something your children can appreciate. Before you shop for new MacBook skins, let them take a look at the variety of patterns and colors available, and let them choose a unique style they want to show off around campus. Whether their personal tastes make them choose a flashy carbon fiber texture or a subdued zebra wood pattern, the fact remains their Retina Pro will be in good hands. Get a skin Retina Pro owners trust to protect their electronic, and invest in a vinyl school supply guaranteed to keep your child’s laptop functioning and cool.