Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For The iPhone User

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Many people in committed relationships dread Valentine’s Day not because they’re expected to show their appreciation of their partner. That’s the easy part. It’s because they’re expected to express their love by showering the object of their affection with gifts. It can be difficult to think up something that doesn’t totally miss the mark, but don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. If your boyfriend or girlfriend — husband or wife — has an iPhone, you have a great selection of gifts you can get them. An IOU for the upcoming 8 may fail to set the mood, but any of the following ideas might just impress your lover.

iPhone Wraps or Decals

Red and pink are the color of Valentine’s Day, and now you can make their iPhone take on Love’s colors, too. Sound cheesy? Don’t worry, the coolest iPhone wraps come in a bunch of different colors and textures you can mix and match in order to create a decal tailored for your partner. You can even invest in matching wraps for your iPhones to show the world just how committed the two of you are.

Romantic Apps

Apple wasn’t lying when they trademarked the phrase, ‘there’s an app for that’. There are some apps, like Love Byte, that are designed to record your relationship so you can see how the two of you progress; apps, like Couple Essential, to help you share private messages with your partner; and apps, like iKamaSutra, that help you ignite your love life between the sheets.

Velocity Armband

If your partner made a New Year’s resolution to get in shape last month, then an armband designed for the fitness junkie is a practical gift they’d appreciate. Just take note of what kind of iPhone they have, as each armband is tailored to fit the exact generation. The Velocity V7 is made out of soft and breathable material and comes equipped with a convenient zippered pocket so they can squirrel away keys, money, and their ID as they work out.

Battery Pack

If you’re tired of dropped calls because of your boyfriend or girlfriend’s low battery, it’s time to invest in a gift that the both of you will appreciate. A portable battery charger can keep you two together for longer, as they can dock or plug into a charger as soon as they hit that dreaded 14%. These chargers vary in terms of size, battery life, charging times, and wireless capabilities, so you’ll want to investigate which model will be the most convenient for your loved one.

Touchscreen Compatible Gloves

Valentine’s Day may be a holiday all about fiery passion, but it’s still February — which means you’re still dealing winter’s worst. Nobody likes having to shed their gloves in order to send off a quick text to their loved one when it’s below zero. Luckily, you can get gloves that are at once fashionable and practical. Designers like Mujjo have created gloves that are recognized by the force track technology behind iPhone touchscreens.

iTunes Gift Card

We can’t all be perfectly attuned to our partners. For those of us schmucks who aren’t quite sure what their valentine would appreciate this February, there’s always an iTunes gift card. It helps you avoid getting them something they won’t ever use, saving you the cash and embarrassment of failure. If you’re lucky, they’ll pick a movie or a game you can both enjoy on the night in question.

Just one or a combination of these gifts would be a great gift for your valentine this February. Whatever you do, as long as you stick to Apple-inspired gifts, you’ll never drop the ball. It’s just a matter of finding something they’ll enjoy using, even if that means you have to pair it with a chocolate heart. But we’re willing to bet any of the presents suggested above would work better.