5 Project Management Groups you can Start Following Now on Linkedin

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As described here, starting and managing a project is not easy. Thankfully there are several knowledgeable online groups that can provide on-the-fly advise on numerous project management related topics. For example, here are 5 groups to start following right now on Linkedin:

PMI Scheduling community of practice on Linkedin: The PMI Scheduling Community of Practice is the only worldwide organization dedicated solely to advancing the techniques, practice and profession of Project Scheduling. The CoP is involved in all aspects and applications of the vitally important function of Project Scheduling.

Planners & schedulers & project control professionals on Linkedin: The purpose of this group is to create a Professional Planning, Scheduling and Project Controls platform where all experts can share their experiences and ideas, support like-minded people and train the next generation of professionals.

Production planning and scheduling on Linkedin: Production planning and scheduling is as much an art as it is a science. Despite the presence of several decision support tools, it remains an esoteric subject known to relatively a few people.

Factory Production scheduling and planning on Linkedin: The purpose of this group is to inspire communication between individuals who work in this industry and are seeking to solve their own scheduling problems or find work in helping others to solve them.

Scheduling Excellence Initiative on Linkedin: Schedule Excellence Initiative writes Best Practices & Guidelines for Scheduling. They have forums posted on SmoothProjects to receive comments and responses for each topic.