The Eco Solution for All Your Digital Signage Needs

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Your business’ marketing plan has been specifically developed to attract the most amount of customers, impress your visitors, and improve the overall standing of your company. But as your company begins to embark upon a greener, more sustainable business plan, somethings are going to have to change; however, you can still expect to create innovative, attractive displays under your new environmental program with the latest digital signage solutions. With a wide range of options ahead of you, your company has an exciting, user-friendly, and – most importantly – green future ahead. 

You can forget about print ads. The rest of the world has! To be honest, it’s probable that your marketing team has as well. In their place, digital signs have taken over the marketplace. They’re more prevalent than you think. Recall the gigantic electronic billboards of Dundas Square in Toronto, Times Square in New York City, and Hachiko Plazain Japan. All of these bright and vibrant downtown cores rely on the brilliant LED screens that have been engineered specifically for their environments. But you’ve seen digital signage practically everywhere, from restaurants to airports to retail spaces. Flat panel LCD screens that are better suited for the indoors are being utilized in corporate lobbies, theatres, college campuses, and even hospitals. 

The power that it takes to run the world’s biggest downtown squares – thankfully – far surpass the consumption of your humble business, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t concerned about the amount of energy your modest displays use. It’s a practical point, as it effects how much you’ll pay in overhead; however, it has a more sweeping impact for the environment at large. With your green pledge in mind, the thought of a continuous operation of your digital signs can be discouraging. 

That’s why it’s incredibly important that you’re selective with the signs that your company uses. Spend some time searching through the various manufacturers to see what they’re doing to lower their impact on the environment. Compare them to the signs you can find at Toshiba, which in addition to full HD LED technology in all of their screens, their signs are RoHS compliant and Energy Star certified. Add to that the paper savings you’ll have from eliminating flyers, pamphlets, or menus from your marketing plan and you’ll be making significant contributions to your green pledge. 

While you maintain your principles, you can fully customize the content of your signage to create the exact message that’s right for your company. Advanced display systems often rely on cloud-based management software that allows you to create, change, and update from any personal computer. With a simple click of a button, you can bring to date calendars, bulletins, warnings, as well as any season specific sales and promotions. You can pre-program content months in advance or rely on last-minute changes. 

Investing in digital signs with touch screen, motion detectors, and image capture capabilities will do wonders for reaching a wider audience and improving your brands’ reception; however, it’s the eco-savings that you’ll reap from the latest display solutions that will make digital signage as such a clear marketing choice.