The Easiest Way To Upgrade Your iPad Pro

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Thin, light, and epic are three words that Apple uses to describe their iPad. Its 12.9 inch retina display offers up 78% more screen area than the iPad Air 2 but without any additional weight. Hardwired with 5.6 million pixels and powered by an impressive A9X chip, the Pro and its display certainly live up to its epic label. You can see more, do more, and enjoy more with the Pro; but what makes your Pro breathtaking in both design and performance, makes it vulnerable. Though only 6.9 mm thin, its impressive display makes it the largest iPad; and though light for what it does, its 713 grams can be unwieldy for the average user.  A single moment of distraction, carelessness, or simple bad luck can put your Pro in the line of fire. If you want to keep your iPad protected, you only need to make one easy upgrade to your Pro – add an iPad Pro skin.

An iPad Pro skin works similarly to a case but without any of their bulky plastics. That means you can expect security without creating a behemoth of an iPad. Whereas cases fit around the iPad, adding weight and dimension where it doesn’t need them, a skin fits flush against its surface. Cut to measure according to the unique specifications of the Pro (including its dynamic 4-speaker design), a skin leaves no part uncovered – save for the sensitive touch screen, of course. No hinges, clips, or claps are involved, as the best iPad skins use 3M vinyl technology to provide close coverage.

While it clings to the body of your Pro, a skin will protect your device from everyday damages like scratches, dents, and gouges. Standing up to rough handling, sharp objects, and jagged surfaces, the 3M vinyl keeps your Pro free form marks. Since the vinyl leaves no room between it and the device itself, no dirt or grime can weasel its way in to damage your iPad. Meanwhile, the surface of the iPad Pro skin is textured, offering a little more for your hand to grip onto compared to a bare device. When your fingers can find purchase on the vinyl, the chances of your dropping your Pro significantly diminish. That alone proves its worth if you’ve dropped your iPhone or Mac before!

The iPad Pro is also known for its sleek design, right in line with the rest of Apple’s devices. In which case, you can’t expect to wrap up your Pro in a skin that’s all protection and no style. Luckily protection doesn’t have to come at the sacrifice of fashion. Superior skin providers balance tough 3M vinyl with a design befitting of any Apple product. Better yet, their designs can be customized to fit your style. As you can see by the iPad Pro skins from dbrand, there’s no want for colours and textures in their designs. Deck your Pro with a rich mahogany and white leather for a modern look; or wrap it in bright yellows and oranges for a vibrant and warm design. There’s something for every Pro.

It’s rare for people to think that the Pro needs an upgrade, considering its long list of capabilities. But just like any giant, it has its own weaknesses – some of which are smaller than you think! Sharp objects, rough surfaces, and careless handling can be the downfall of your Pro if you keep it uncovered. Order a custom-made iPad skin for your Pro and save your device from such a fate.