Get A Skin As Sleek As The iPad Mini 4

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With 63 percent of American teenagers owning an iPad, you won’t be the first parent to buy their child the latest Mini 4. In fact, Apple is only expecting sales of the latest generation to skyrocket in 2016. After all, as a “tweener” itself, it’s perfect for your teen.(Tween meaning a cross between a phone and a full tablet, of course) But when the Mini 4 ranges in price from anywhere between $300 and $500, it’s no small purchase for your teenager. And with their lifestyle, you’re a little worried about your investment. 

Well, worry no more! You can still provide the best for your kid without fearing their careless handling will damage the iPad. All you have to do is add one simple addition to the Mini 4, and your teenager can use it to draw, play music, and message friends without risking it all. That easy add-on comes in a thin yet remarkably strong vinyl package. 

3M vinyl has been expertly engineered and cut into iPad Mini 4 skins that wrap tightly around the device. From buttons to curves, the skin covers the entire Mini 4 without compromising its 7.9 inch high-resolution Retina display or its built-in stereo speakers. It’s strong and flexible just like our own skin, making iPad Mini 4 skins the perfect defence against everyday wear and tear. The vinyl stands up to sharp objects and rough surfaces that would ruin the sleek look of the Mini’s otherwise unprotected body. It also has the added bonus of keeping dirt and grime from potentially affecting the iPad’s performance.

But perhaps the best way it can help make the iPad last is its superior grip. Without it, the Mini is a pretty slippery and slim device that’s easy to drop or toss. Due to the virtue of the vinyl texture, a Mini 4 skin provides a little extra purchase for your on-the-go teenager, lowering the chances of them accidentally damaging their iPad beyond repair. 

Now style is incredibly important to anyone but no more so than a young teen going to school and dealing with peer pressure. That’s why it’s important that you find a skin that your child won’t be embarrassed to be seen using. An embarrassing skin will be removed as soon as it’s deemed uncool,

which won’t do you any favours. That’s why more parents are getting their iPad skins from Their strong and durable vinyl skins can be customized to your child’s preferences, using their favourite colours and the coolest designs to make their Mini 4 even better.

Don’t – whatever you do – think that you can find the perfect colour and texture combination on your own. Be sure to get your kid to look online with you, playing with online build-a-skin apps to find the perfect design, before you make your purchase. That way, you can get a skin that won’t cause instant embarrassment, which means the skin stays on to protect their expensive Mini 4.