Top 5 Gruesome Sports Injuries of All Time

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No matter if you are an elite athlete or simply playing with friends, injuries are part of life. But some are more painful and shocking than others; even some that make national headlines.

Injurys occur in all sports, from football to hockey to wrestling. While some injuries are short-term, others can be so devastating they keep athletes away for months or years at a time, even becoming legendary and iconic sports injuries of all time – including severed fingers or throat slittings. Here are the worst sports injuries of all time.

One of the most infamous and devastating sports injuries ever witnessed occurred to football player Zach Miller during a regular-season game in 2015.

Running down the sideline, Miller got into a collision with Buffalo Bills linebacker Jonathan Ogden that caused his lower right leg to bend unnaturally before breaking in half, necessitating emergency surgery as well as leaving him out for the remainder of that season.

Before playing any sport, athletes should warm up to prevent injuries – this is particularly essential in contact sports such as rugby. Athletes should perform various exercises that increase blood flow and body temperature; these will also stretch their muscles, thus decreasing risk of injury.

Number Two: An Athlete’s Leg Crashed into Door

In 1994, NFL running back Corey Fuller suffered one of the most horrific sports injuries ever when his leg was broken after colliding with a door, prompting hospital authorities to amputate below the knee due to its severity. It was the first live sports injury shown on television and left many viewers shocked and in disbelief.

3. Baseball Player Fell Like He Was Dying

Another iconic sports injury caught on camera was Bryce Florie of the Boston Red Sox who was struck in the face with a line drive off Ryan Thompson of the New York Yankees bat and sustained serious facial trauma from its impact, fractured both cheekbones, shattered his eyeglasses, bled profusely, required surgery, and never returned to MLB play again.

4: Evander Holyfield Suffers Ear Injuries

One of the strangest and most devastating sports injuries ever was experienced by Evander Holyfield during a fight with Mike Tyson; Holyfield had part of his ear bit off, which needed to be sewn back on later on; nonetheless he went on to become two-time world heavyweight champions!

5. Basketball Player’s Foot Smashed into Floor Athletes push themselves hard, which can result in some pretty severe injuries.

Most sports injuries tend to be minor and won’t keep them out for very long; but some can be so horrific and bizarre they seem almost unbelievable.