He doesn’t jump like LeBron, he doesn’t shoot like Curry, but – THERE’S NO SUPERSTAR LIKE A SERBIAN!

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On the NBA league’s official website, a phenomenal text was published about the best Serbian basketball player Nikola Jokić.

Denver has for the first time in the franchise’s history reached the great NBA finals thanks to the brilliant Serbian basketball player who has dazzled the entire planet with his masterful performances.

Jokić is admired by the basketball world, legends of this sport sing his praises, the covers of the most prestigious media and sports shows are devoted to the brilliant Serb. Who would have thought that such fame would be achieved by the humble guy from Sombor who quietly entered the strongest league in the world.

Before the start of the big final, Jokic was of course in the center of attention. A fantastic text by journalist Met Bruks was published on the official NBA league website, trying to explain to the world why the Serbian is the kind of superstar the NBA has not seen before!

“There is no superstar in the NBA like Nikola Jokic,” American journalist Met Bruks begins, going on to say:

“He doesn’t jump up and down the court and rage through defense like Lebron James. As a center, he doesn’t dunk over his rivals like Dwayne Howard or Anthony Davis used to. He doesn’t destroy opposing teams with a flurry of three-pointers like Steph Curry and Damian Lillard.

The author brilliantly punctuates his argument by saying that there is simply no one to which Jokić can be compared.

“From a historical perspective, he’s a weird combination of Hakeem Olajuwon, Larry Bird, and Steve Nash”.

Brucks points out that Jokić’s unique style of play is not the only thing that sets him apart from other players in the NBA. The American journalist believes that Jokić’s special “personality” differentiates him from the rest.

“He’s quiet. He’s reserved. He’s family-oriented. He has a subtle but undeniably hilarious sense of humour. He treats people around him kindly. He leads, but does everything he can to not toot his own horn and not to overstate his role. He has more wisdom than your typical 28-year-old”.

An American journalist thinks that Jokić’s humble comments after making it to the historically-important NBA finals showed how special he is.

“It’s rare to get this kind of honesty from an athlete, especially in a big moment after making it into the first NBA finals in franchise history. But that’s Nikola – he isn’t afraid to voice his opinion, even if it doesn’t fit in the NBA mold. He wasn’t trying to pander to the television audience, or create a false sense – he was just saying what he thought”, the American was fascinated.

Brooks emphasizes that the secret to Nikola’s success lies in his family.

“It’s about Nikola being focused on things unrelated to basketball. His family is incredibly important to him. His wife and daughter, as well as his brothers, are his biggest priorities in life. Nikola’s brothers, Strahinja and Nemanja, have been with him every step of the basketballing way. That was incredibly useful for a player who moved from Serbia all the way to the United States to play in the NBA league”.

An American journalist especially focused on the statement of Denver Nuggets coach Michael Malone, who recently said that money and fame had not affected Nikola and that it was a rare occurrence. Jokić is still humble, selfless, and cares for his family.

Denver and Miami will face each other in a fight for the championship title on Saturday night and the reporter, Brooks, was amazed by the way Nikola followed the Miami-Boston clashes.

“I didn’t watch the fifth game, I was walking with my daughter. I’m lying, I watched the first quarter,” Jokić said.

When asked if he would follow the series conclusion, the Serbian replied:

“Maybe I’ll watch that match with my family. Or not.”