Top 10 Cartoon Characters With Big Noses of All Time

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Cartoon characters with big noses often evoke fond memories. From Pinocchio to Mr. Burns, this recurring feature adds humor and depth to their character designs.

Ferb Fletcher, Phineas Flynn’s reserved stepbrother, is another example of a big-nosed cartoon character with his long nose adding character and helping him communicate effectively with his creative sister.

1. Pinocchio

Pinocchio, from Disney’s movie of the same name, is an iconic cartoon character with a famously large nose. His wooden puppet form adds comic relief while teaching audiences about truthfulness through this magical feature that causes his nose to expand whenever he lies. This magical feature adds another level of amusement and adds lessons about truthfulness as part of this timeless tale.

Squidward Tentacles from SpongeBob SquarePants stands out with his prominent, long nose. This feature serves to underscore his irritable attitude.

Ferb Fletcher, the quiet stepbrother of Phineas Flynn who also features an expressive proboscis, often exhibits dry humor in his sparse dialogue and shows thoughtfulness that may not always come across through his physical features.

2. Squidward Tentacles (SpongeBob SquarePants)

SpongeBob stands out with his distinctive nose. An octopus serving as cashier at Krusty Krab restaurant, he becomes increasingly annoyed with SpongeBob’s constant noise pollution.

Lois Griffin from Family Guy is another popular big nose cartoon character, boasting an attractive 43-year-old woman with long red locks and an alluring figure.

Grunkle Stan (Stanley Pines) is Dipper and Mabel Pines’ summer protector and owner of an untrustworthy tourist trap in town, taking advantage of residents with dumber intelligence than him. His prominent nose can be seen when smiling; due to this characteristic grouchiness he has earned himself recognition as a cartoon character with big noses – such as in our list of loveable big-nosed Muppet characters! This humorous blue creature makes an appearance here!

3. Gonzo (The Muppets)

Gonzo, like Squidward Tentacles, is an eccentric character with an exaggerated nose who lives among his best friends Grim Reaper and Mandy in The Muppets. Unfortunately for Gonzo though, his low IQ always causes trouble for them and makes for frequent comedy relief!

His favorite activities include exhibiting his art, hypnotizing chickens, tap dancing on roller skates on an oatmeal vat and being shot out of a cannon to the 1812 Overture; hammering his feet against railroad ties and rocketing skyward with a bungee cord in hand.

His eyelids have returned to their former orange-yellow hue and his nose has less blue pigmentation; he still wears his sweater vest and appears frequently in Muppet movies and specials such as The Great Muppet Caper, The Muppet Christmas Carol, Muppet Treasure Island and Give a Day.

4. Gru (Despicable Me)

Gru is the delightful supervillain turned father from Despicable Me. While his large nose enhances his evil persona, his soft side shines through as evidenced by him hugging each of his daughters at their dance recital after saving them from Vector.

Rich to the core, he flaunts it by buying Agnes a pink unicorn to ride at an amusement park and paying wages to his 10,000 minions.

He can also be cruel and sadistic, such as making a T-Rex scream after kidnapping it. Yet he also showed his gentler side when redecorating his house for Margo, Edith, and Agnes to see. Additionally, he gave up plans to steal the moon for their sake – showing true love!

5. Bert (Sesame Street)

Bert is a yellow Muppet character known for appearing on Sesame Street, known for his large nose and affinity for cookies. Over time, his design has remained fairly constant; however, his fur has become less shaggy over time.

As a Hand-Rod Muppet, this means his puppeteer uses their dominant hand to control his mouth and facial features while their secondary hand controls rods for his arms. Furthermore, this particular muppet sports one unibrow.

His appearance has remained relatively unchanged over the years, including his trademark rainbow turtleneck and tousled locks. He’s often seen with Ernie, either trying to dissuade him from silly ideas or sometimes getting in his face when necessary.

6. Wario (Super Mario Bros. series)

Wario, Mario’s mischievous archrival, features an iconic big nose as part of his character design. As Nintendo mascot Wario can often be found pursuing money or treasure wherever he finds it.

Heinz Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb is another cartoon character known for his large nose. Though an evil scientist, Heinz’s large nose gives him an endearing appearance that makes it easy for viewers to sympathize with him.

Nose sizes come in all shapes and sizes – whether he’s the villainous pirate Arlong from One Piece or kind yet dim Billy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy! Vote up your favorite animated characters with big noses – you won’t regret it!

7. Mr. Magoo

J. Quincy Magoo is another iconic cartoon character with a big nose, and often finds himself getting into trouble because of his nearsightedness; yet despite this he never gives up and manages to find his way out of each difficult situation.

His massive nose makes him instantly recognisable, and his lively personality shines through no matter the circumstances.

Other cartoon characters with large noses include Goofy, Nigel Thornberry from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and Lois Griffin from Family Guy. Chef Gusteau from The Incredibles also boasts an enormous nose; in addition to her culinary prowess she serves as an inspiring role model.

8. Captain Hook (Peter Pan)

Cartoon characters are instantly recognisable from their iconic features like eyes, hair or shoes – one physical trait in particular that stands out among these beloved animated heroes is their big noses.

While having an exaggerated or eccentric nose may seem exaggerated or silly, it actually plays an integral part in what makes these cartoons so endearing and memorable. From Pinocchio’s long wooden nose to Squidward Tentacles’ large aquiline snouts, these characters’ large noses help distinguish themselves from one another and serve as comedic tools.

Also notable among big-nosed cartoons are Mr. Burns from Springfield Nuclear Power Plant who is notoriously greedy and manipulative; or Billy from the animated series who tends to cause chaos by mistake through his dimwittedness; while there’s also Pink Panther who often takes an antagonistic stance but can sometimes play an innocent bystander role.

9. Jimmy Durante (Frosty the Snowman)

Jimmy Durante stars as the narrator of Frosty the Snowman, known for his expressive face and large nose that adds humor and sets him apart from other cartoon characters.

Gonzo, an eccentric blue Muppet with a distinctively large nose, stands out among his companions due to his eccentric personality and adventurous spirit. Fans love him for his quirky yet adventurous ways!

Heinz Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb is known for his distinctive big nose that gives him his trademark look. His grouchy character provides comic relief while simultaneously teaching moral lessons about honesty.

Other cartoon characters with large noses include Mr. Bean, Captain K’nuckles and SpongeBob SquarePants – each character boasting its own distinct nose that adds character. A big nose is a common facial feature used in animation that allows actors to portray more interesting and distinctive characters.

10. The Grinch

The Grinch is a misanthropic green creature who lives alone on Mount Crumpit and despises Whoville residents for their extravagant Christmas celebrations. He finds their materialistic loves disturbing as well as their singing of carols unnerving, so much so that he plots its destruction forever.

No one in Seuss’ book can explain why the Grinch has such an enormous nose and large feet; in contrast, in 2000’s live-action adaptation How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, his Whoville neighbors more closely resemble kangaroos than humans with differently proportioned faces as seen in earlier adaptations.

The Grinch meets Cindy Lou, who invites him over for Christmas dinner at her house. Moved by Cindy’s kindness, The Grinch discovers what Christmas truly means; even meeting Max again during this journey!