The Best 10 Long Chin Characters of All Time

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Besides his steel jaw and axe arm, what really made the villain stand out was his unique chin. This feature added another dimension of intimidation as an adversary in One Piece.

Dick Tracy of the comic strip fame stands out with his yellow trench coat and fedora as well as his prominent chiseled chin – both features making an impactful statement of who he is as an authority figure fighting crime.

1. Superman (Clark Kent/Kal-El)

Superman is widely revered as an icon for hope and truth, created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster over 80 years ago. His iconic design includes his long chin which serves to symbolize him as the embodiment of heroism and virtue.

Also in “Beauty and the Beast,” Gaston’s prominent chin emphasizes his arrogant and masculine persona, while Ash Williams from TV’s “Evil Dead” displays similar traits.

Buzz Lightyear stands out in Pixar’s “Toy Story” franchise thanks to his iconic facial feature: his chiseled facial features make him instantly recognizable to fans of the franchise, making his humorous persona instantly recognisable to them and perfectly complementing his humorous one-liners.

2. Jay Leno

Comedy is one of the few forms of entertainment that tends to generate widespread approval, yet also creates some degree of discomfort among some audiences. Nowhere does this phenomenon manifest more prominently than in late night television.

Jay Leno reigned supreme for over two decades as one of the most beloved hosts of his era. He worked tirelessly and put show quality ahead of any personal ego considerations; though there were occasional flubs he was an overall superb performer.

However, his incessant ambition and treacherous maneuverings to unseat Letterman for Johnny Carson’s throne ultimately stained his legacy. He will always be remembered as being pushy, overly aggressive workhorse with an insatiable appetite for approval – both qualities which were reinforced by his prominent chin.

3. Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)

Gaston, from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, is one of the most renowned long-chinned characters ever created in entertainment history. His signature long chin makes him instantly recognisable. Gaston’s prominent facial structure conveys his arrogant character – making him an intimidating antagonist in the film.

Gaston displays classic signs of narcissistic personality disorder, including lack of empathy and grandiosity; as well as seeking admiration from others. Gaston treats his “friend” LeFou poorly by tormenting him at the tavern and forcing him to wait on him continually.

Gaston attempted to kill Beast with an axe but lost his balance and fell off of his castle, landing in a moat below and drowning. Serena Valentino has given this character more sympathetic treatment in her novelization of the film.

4. Bruce Campbell (Ash Williams)

Ash Williams of the Evil Dead franchise stands as an embodiment of how one physical characteristic can leave an everlasting legacy. His long chin helped define both his look and persona – creating an impactful legacy that has endured across several generations.

Campbell has always been a staunch supporter of the franchise, actively participating in interviews and conventions in order to keep it alive. In fact, he even wrote a book on character design! His devotion shows in every detail of his participation.

Ash has also become a regular on the Starz show Ash vs Evil Dead, which features his character in an alternate setting that mixes horror and humor. Fans can look forward to more of Ash’s famous buffoonery and badassery throughout each installment of Evil Dead Rise; his next fight may involve feral Deadites rather than just one or two isolated cabins!

5. The Crimson Chin (Fairly OddParents)

Crimson Chin is an iconic character on “The Fairly OddParents”, depicted as Charles Hampton Indigo with a long, chiseled jawline that makes him instantly recognizable to fans of superhero comic books and shows alike. Fighting villains with charm and charisma has won him over an enthusiastic fan following who admire him greatly.

He serves as an homage to comic book superheroes, while also acting as an antihero in another dimension – his only flaw being an annoying sibling named Nega-Chin who, unlike the Crimson Chin, can actually transform into evil versions of himself if wished upon again by Timmy (ie the Nega-Chin from another universe). Nega-Chin once succeeded in defeating Crimson Chin – this time when Timmy unwished Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad into their original forms that rendered them powerless until their subsequent meeting up again during an episode called “The Big Superhero Wish!”

6. Ash Williams (Evil Dead)

Ash Williams is the central character in Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead franchise and played by Bruce Campbell throughout both movies and TV series.

Ash is often misjudged as an amateur, yet is actually an expert Deadite hunter with an exceptional knack for one-liners. Additionally, he’s an unexpectedly dedicated hero willing to go the distance in protecting his friends and planet from Kandarian demons.

Ash was always self-serving but through the television series grew closer to Kelly and Pablo. He even sacrificed himself in order to destroy creatures, showing true love and heroism. Ash made post-credits cameo appearances in both 2013 and 2023 soft reboot films as well as being added as playable character for Deploy and Destroy multiplayer FPS games.

7. Jay Garrick (The Flash)

Chins are an iconic feature that make an indelible mark upon audiences, whether by way of comic relief, villainy or heroism. Animation series like Monty Python’s “The Holy Grail”, comic books and live-action movies all use characters like French Taunter from “Phineas and Ferb” who use their protruding chins to show their unique personalities while Heinz Doofenshmirtz from “Phineas and Ferb” use long chins to show their individual personalities.

Jay Garrick first embodied his alter-ego Flash on Earth-2, an alternate reality to ours, in 1940 (retconned back to 1938). While working as a scientist for Professor Hughes, accidentally inhaling hard water vapors activated latent metagene cells within him and granted super speed. Furthermore, he can create and throw his trademark winged helmet as both weaponry and symbol of justice, sometimes striking multiple opponents at once!

8. Quagmire (Family Guy)

Glenn Quagmire is one of the main characters in the animated sitcom Family Guy and is well known for his eccentric personality and catchphrase of “Giggity Giggity”. His long chin makes up an integral part of his character design.

In one episode, he is almost sentenced to 20 years for statutory rape after having an encounter with Keira – an 18 year-old high school girl who lies about her age – but thanks to his mom’s intervention he avoids this injustice.

Quagmire holds an intense dislike of Brian, which can be seen numerous times on the show: his rant in Life of Brian, trying to kiss Lois without success and the play “Brian’s Play”, among many other instances. Yet sometimes he tolerates Brian even inviting him to dinner parties or funerals – though so far only being arrested once for peeping on Lois in the girls bathroom!

9. The Tick

Since 1986, The Tick has been beloved hero to generations of comic book readers since his debut. Peter Serafinowicz’s signature long chin plays an instrumental role in giving the character their distinctive tone and comedic delivery, cementing The Tick’s iconic status with each new comic adaptation.

His long chin has also been used to great effect when parodying characters like Galactus, who devours celestial bodies in comic books; or McFly from McDonald’s late night show Mac Tonight; Quagmire from Fox’s hit TV show Family Guy is another notable character created with an extended jawline.

The Tick’s signature chin helps emphasize his eccentric, comedic personality and become instantly recognizable, instantly making him instantly funny. His offbeat humor and quirky demeanor makes him the ideal antihero to comedy; and Arthur, his incompetent sidekick is an example of just how powerful one chin can be!

10. Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story)

Buzz Lightyear, one of Pixar’s most beloved characters, has earned the top spot on Animation Magazine’s top 20 greatest Pixar characters list. He may save the day from alien threats or just be an adorable companion – his popularity makes him one of the greatest Pixar characters!

As Woody is kidnapped by greedy toy collector Al McWhiggin, Buzz leads an emergency rescue mission with Rex, Slinky Dog and Hamm to find where he may have been taken to store. They must cross a busy roadway while using traffic cones as protection to keep from being hit by cars on their journey.

Buzz can be seen not only in Toy Story films but also at Disney parks and resorts and the National Air and Space Museum, where his distinctive long chin gives him the look of an intergalactic hero.