Myths About How to Sober Up Fast

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There are various myths surrounding how to sober up quickly. While these tips might make you feel soberer faster, they will not lower your blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

Time alone will bring about a decrease in BAC; however, you can take steps to speed up this process: 1. Drink Water regularly

1. Drink Water

One of the easiest and most effective ways to sober up is to drink plenty of water. Doing this will keep your hydrated, and help your body process alcohol more quickly and easily. Furthermore, water helps you feel more alert and less drunk.

Another way to sober up quickly and reduce alcohol-induced dizziness and nausea, fatigue and dizziness is taking a cold shower. While this will awaken you quickly, this won’t speed up the sobering up process as much.

Another effective method of sobriety is eating food, as this will slow the absorption of alcohol into your system and can prevent dehydration. Furthermore, taking vitamins can replace nutrients lost when drinking alcohol, making you feel more alert and sober overall.

2. Eat Food

Eating food will help slow the absorption of alcohol into your system and fill you up, decreasing the likelihood that you’ll drink too much in future. Try eating meals rich in proteins like meat, fish or eggs; carbs metabolize faster than fats so these may also be beneficial. When drinking alcohol-laden beverages such as shots of hard liquor try switching over to lighter drinks such as beer or wine instead.

Vegetables can help you sober up by providing lots of water. Snacking on them will dilute any alcohol in your system and make you feel more sober, or you can eat something bland such as toast to reduce how quickly alcohol enters your system.

Although these tips may temporarily help people feel and act more alert, they cannot lower blood alcohol concentration levels in the body and therefore it would be wise for people not to drive or engage in other potentially risky activities until they have fully sobered up.

3. Exercise

Under the influence of alcohol can impair coordination, judgment and impulse control. Sleep is often the best way to sober up; although other methods such as drinking water, eating food or taking cold showers might help in some instances; they won’t reduce your blood alcohol content (BAC) quite as efficiently though.

Exercise to sober up is another common solution, however it’s unlikely someone who is very intoxicated will be able to complete an extensive workout routine. Furthermore, cold showers do nothing to soak up alcohol from your system and help with recovery.

At times, people drink on an empty stomach which leads to them quickly getting drunk. To combat this effect, it is advised that before or during drinking sessions you consume a meal rich in proteins, carbs, and fat to help slow alcohol absorption and drink water or juice between alcoholic drinks – shots and mixed drinks can slow your sobriety more rapidly than water will.