Top Sex Tourism Countries In The World 2024

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The Top Sex Tourism Countries In The World include those that offer legal or illegal prostitution as a tourist attraction, from Amsterdam’s red-light district to Thailand – cities that attract visitors for their hookers and sex services.

Prior to setting out on your adventure, always use protection at all times in order to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic has long been known for sexual tourism. Its palm-fringed beaches attract millions of tourists yearly and the industry plays a critical role in its economy; yet its sandy shores have also served as fertile grounds for sexual tourism myths.

Sosua and Puerto Plata are popular tourist spots known for their legal brothels, massage parlors, and sex workers. Due to the country’s high rates of poverty, many women – and children – turn to sex work as an economic solution.

Maud de Boer-Buquicchio, U.N special rapporteur on child sexual exploitation has noted that first world travelers/consumers find engaging in sex tourism easy in Dominican Republic due to low prices and lack of prosecution of most Dominican sex workers for their crimes.

Sexual tourists from the US, Canada and Europe sometimes mistakenly believe that all Dominican women are prostitutes. This stereotype can be deeply offensive for both Dominicans and women living there; while most sex workers in the Dominican Republic are indeed Dominicans themselves, some Haitian migrant workers also play an integral part in its sex industry.

Most of these workers reside in impoverished beach towns like Boca Chica and Sosua where they make a living by serving sex tourists – commonly referred to as their “lovers”.


As travel becomes easier and cheaper, so does our desire to explore different places – leading to an upsurge in sexual tourism. Although the term’sex tourism’ is often associated with prostitution, its definition encompasses other sex-related activities like escort services and searching for mail brides.

Indonesia is an extremely important nation for sex tourism due to its high population of sex workers and party islands like Bali and Batam that attract tourists looking for quick sexual excitement. Indonesia’s unregulated sex industry makes for an exceptionally profitable venture; foreign men may pay thousands of dollars just for an encounter with one of these girls – many are trafficked from nearby countries!

Indonesia attracts many middle Eastern tourists looking for contract marriages with local girls to indulge in extramarital sexual encounters without violating their religion – with some recruits being as young as nine years old, according to BBC News.

Netherlands, Thailand and the Philippines are also popular sex tourism destinations, attracting visitors looking for sexual activities like shows or escort services. Manila in particular is well known for its many strip clubs and sex bars while Bangkok’s red light district attracts many who come searching for fun!


Spain is often underestimated when it comes to sexual tourism. Prostitution in Spain is legal and brings an estimated $26 billion each year into the economy, making it a substantial component. Spanish prostitution trade is less formal than others like Sweden which have legalized prostitution due to political scrutiny; but still forms part of national GDP; Madrid for example boasts many brothels along Gran Via streets.

Europe boasts numerous countries popularly recognized for sex tourism, such as the Netherlands with its famed red light district of Amsterdam attracting tourists seeking sexual services, Thailand with its stunning temples and beaches as well as one of the highest concentrations of sex workers, Cambodia which boasts numerous hookers offering low rates, Thailand with ornate temples that attract sex tourism tourists, Thailand which boasts one of the highest concentrations of sex workers, Cambodia which offers cheap rates but with few hookers, and Cambodia which boasts one of these industries booming with many men traveling there to take advantage of these industries as well.

Although sex tourism is a large industry in these nations, few promote it openly. Some have taken steps to discourage it while others have implemented policies promoting safe sex practices. Unfortunately, addressing sex tourism head on can be stigmatizing; many prefer hiding its dark underbelly instead.


Thailand is one of the world’s leading destinations for sexual tourism, offering visitors a wide variety of experiences from massage parlours to full-fledged red-light districts. Many businesses rely on sexual tourists as an income stream that may otherwise not exist elsewhere.

Though some might view sex tourism as a dirty secret, its establishment in Thai culture is essential and widely accepted as an acceptable means of earning money and supporting their families. Unfortunately, widespread poverty has forced families to see children (particularly females) as an economic burden and sell them off to pimps for use as prostitutes – leaving these vulnerable children open to abuse from pimps who exploit them for sex services.

Though Thailand’s government has made efforts to curb prostitution, it remains an integral part of their economy and a major source of employment for local women. Therefore, experts advise regulation in place of complete shutdown; instead they suggest regulation to avoid undergrounding the industry and increasing health risks for both workers and patrons alike. One popular activity among tourists visiting Thailand for sexual tourism purposes involves engaging with biological men who identify as female kathoey or ladyboys – or ladyboys as they’re known in Thai. These ladyboys act like biological men but often seek alternative forms of employment like tourism as alternatives.