Music Lessons Improve Your Kids’ Chances Of Success

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With the New Year in full swing, there’s no better time to sign up your kids for music lessons. The chaos of the holidays is behind us, and we’ve eased back into the swing of our regular routines. Now that your time is your own again, you can easily find the time to fit a weekly music lesson into your family’s busy schedule. But these lessons aren’t just a way to fill up time. Music can unlock the door to opportunity for your kids, as it provides them with the tools to reach their full potential. When they stick with their lessons, it improves their chances of finding success both in and outside the classroom.

Early musical training has been studied extensively in the last few decades, with neuroscientists, psychologists, and pediatricians researching its effects on young brains. In terms of physiology, playing an instrument actively stimulates parts of their brain responsible for computation, language comprehension, and spatial sense. As they learn the language and metre of music, your children will improve their ability to process new information and solve problems critically and creatively.

Researchers at the Long Island University published a study comparing children who played music with those that didn’t. During the course of their study, they found that those kids who were exposed to early musical training had better vocabulary and verbal sequencing. Another study completed at the Vanderbilt University revealed children who took music lessons were able to engage in divergent thinking better than their non-musical counterparts. Their research suggests the ability to comprehend musical scores and anticipate future bars improves their aptitude for creativity.

Performing well in school isn’t the only advantage to these lessons. When they sign up for kids music lessons in Toronto, in New York, or any other city with a considerable music store, your children will also learn life lessons about self-discipline. When they dedicate hours and hours towards their instrument, they’ll be able to see the demonstrable results of their determination. They’ll learn that with patience and persistence, they can do anything. The pride that comes from mastering a song can also increase their confidence in their abilities, increasing their chances of trying out other hobbies and tasks.

If you’re ready to set your kids up for success, take the opportunity that the New Year offers and enrich their lives with music. Figure out what instrument they would like to play and find a qualified music instructor in your city. Whether you live in Toronto, New York City, or somewhere much smaller, there’s a music store that can connect you with a knowledgeable professional who can inspire and motivate your children to reach their full potential.