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Signs it is time to replace your home windows

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If you are planning a home improvement project, time is an essential factor, especially if you have to do replacements. Everybody wants to make the most of the current home décor lifecycle. For instance, you do not want to replace the old windows of your home until they are comprising your lifestyle.

All the windows companies suggest that you should replace your worn-out windows every 7 to 10 years, especially if you start feeling uncomfortable from the cold weather. But how do you know it is time to replace the home windows?

Here are some telltale signs to determine the source of cold and discomfort in your home: 

The window operation is faulty 

Aging windows develop sticking and jamming issues due to improper balance. The severe formation of mold, rotting, grime, and dust might also add to aging. If the balance of your windows is out, they are near to end of their service life. 

Recurring cold drafts 

If you feel cold drafts whenever you pass by your windows, it is a sign that their seals are worn-out and damaged. The worn-out seals do not only compromise the thermal stability of your home but also puts an extra energy load on your HVAC system. This can lead to higher electricity bills. 

Look for durable windows with weather-tight seals. These windows do not allow air penetration and infiltration. You can not only save money but can also get back the cozy yet comforting environment of your home. 

Excessive condensation between the glass panes of the windows

Have you ever noticed the ‘sweat’ or condensation droplets on your windows in the winter season? If yes, your windows are losing their glazing and hence, their effectiveness to protect you from the weather. 

When the windows get old, the seals fail and the moisture finds its way from the glass panes to your home. We suggest you invest in energy-efficient windows to prevent window ‘sweat’ in the winter season. 

The outside noise is audible 

Do you hear traffic noises, dog barks, and car horns easily from inside? Excessive noise penetration is a big sign that your windows are not insulating. If you are frustrated by outside noises, you should look for new ones that reduce the sound transfer as much as possible. 

Water damage and decay on the window frames

Extreme weather and dust can be harsh on the frames of your windows. They sustain so much damage that even repairs can’t fix your window frames. If you see decay, mold, or cracks on your window frames, it is high time you replace them. Otherwise, you will be compromising your home décor. 

Make sure to invest in windows with fiberglass frames for ultimate performance and superior durability. 

Do not allow worn-out windows to compromise your comfort and home décor.