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How Do You Insulate A Home

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Insulating a home is a piece of cake. There are many things you could do, and we discussed them below. 

Insulate Your Attic

Take a look at your attic. If your house is old, the room might have a lot of cracks that are letting drafts in. Even if the rest of the home has ample insulation, they would be futile as heat is entering and escaping from upstairs. You probably should get a professional to check it out. They would be able to tell you how much insulation the room is lacking. 

Seal Doors

There are gaps between the wood in doors. The largest gaps would be on the bottom, preventing the ends of the doors from rubbing against the floor. A lot of the time, these gaps can be larger than necessary. 

Instead of purchasing new doors, what would help would be sealing the large openings. There are special tapes you could use to get the job done. They are called weather strips. If you can’t get hold of them, you can create your own draft stoppers. Multiple YouTube tutorials on how you can create them are available. 

Thick Curtains

Sheer curtains look good – they let ample light come in. And they make a room look bigger. However, they aren’t the best if you want to increase the insulation in your home. Thicker options would act as insulating barriers. They’re great inclusions if you want the inside of your house to stay cool during the summer. 

From the thick curtains you could get, the best would be darker options. They absorb heat well. 

Replacement Windows 

Let’s dive into your windows. Swap the ones you have for better replacement windows. Pickering replacement windows are energy efficient due to their hard glass. There are some options that are double paned, with a layer of air inside. The air acts as a vacuum to prevent warmth from entering or escaping. 

By going for windows that are larger, you would let more light come in which would heat the interior up when it’s cold. 

When shopping, be mindful of who you work with. You wouldn’t want to spend an arm and a leg. Canadian Choice windows in Brantford are rather affordable. 

Heating Zones

You probably own a heating system. Where are the vents for the hot air going to come in? Heating some rooms is smarter than all of them – you spend most of your time in specific spaces around the house.  Create heating zones and shut the door so that the warmth won’t leave. Place the air conditioners in these areas too. Having them just anywhere would be a waste. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to insulating a home, there is a plethora of things you could do. Considering the list of things we mentioned, the easiest would be to get thick curtains. They won’t cost much but would prevent a lot of heat from getting inside and leaving the home. The best thick curtains would be darker in color.