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Elon Musk Houses

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Musk announced his plan in 2020 that he was selling almost all his physical possessions and “own no house”. Since then, the billionaire has sold most of his homes.

Musk currently rents a foldable prefabricated house called a Casita in Boca Chica, Texas where SpaceX builds its Starship rockets. Rent for this space costs $50,000 annually.


Guignecourt is an elegant 100-year old mansion located in Hillsborough, California just north of San Francisco and close to Tesla’s headquarters. Elon Musk purchased it for $23 million in 2017 after it had been owned by Christian de Guigne IV’s ancestors until 1912 when Bliss & Faville of San Francisco designed it as de Guigne Court. Inside are five bedrooms for guest use as well as an extended staff wing with six rooms – perfect for hosting private functions!

While at his former home, Musk used it for hosting guests like Kanye West. Since selling and moving into a smaller rented box near SpaceX’s Boca Chica test site in Texas, we await Musk’s decision on whether he plans on purchasing another home or simply renting his current one out further. He currently is working on multiple projects, such as starting Boxabl (prefab homes company). With this technology he hopes to fulfill his ambition of sending people to Mars.

SpaceX House

Elon Musk owns multiple houses that vary drastically in style and decor. One such estate in Bel-Air resembles a French country mansion and includes features like a ballroom, library with fireplace and concealed bar, flower arranging room, staff wing with six bedrooms and pavilion featuring 18th century Chinese wallpaper. Furthermore, this property includes a lighted tennis court, five garages and pool.

Elon Musk announced his intention to sell most of his physical belongings and not own any homes in 2020, though later clarified he owns one – made by Boxabl, a startup which creates instant prefabricated homes.

Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, lives here with employees and their families as well as hosting parties there for Ad Astra, his rocket launch school. Any buyer must agree not to tear it down or alter its charm upon purchasing.

Gene Wilder’s House

Four months ago, Elon Musk sold his largest Bel Air mansion for $29 million to Chinese billionaire “William” Ding Lei in an off-market deal. Now records reveal he’s unloading another property: former actor Gene Wilder’s 2,756 square-foot house which sold for $7 million off market – although tax and maintenance expenses likely erode any profit made on this sale.

Elizabeth Hunter is a Hollywood screenwriter and TV producer of shows like Empire and Charmed who has resided in L.A.’s Silver Lake neighbourhood for many years. In 2015 she married filmmaker Jordan Walker-Pearlman, Gene Wilder’s nephew.

Hard Fork reported in May that Musk had tweeted his desire to sell only if the house could not be demolished, likely dissuading local developers from eyeing this three-quarter acre promontory property with views overlooking 13th and 14th green of Bel Air Country Club. Hunter and Walker-Pearlman managed to convince Musk it was worth taking this risky step by convincing him it would save his home’s iconic location from demolition.

Tesla House

He has an impressive array of homes, including a smaller residence in Boca Chica, Texas. According to reports, Elon moved into this tiny home near SpaceX’s factory in 2021; according to Boxabl’s site it measures 20x20ft when open for travel purposes; its Casita model can also be folded down in half for easy transportation.

Musk may seem odd for living in such an unassuming dwelling, but his reputation for frugal living and refusing lavish gifts or perks speaks for itself. Once promising that he would sell almost all physical possessions and own no house – though recent photo shared by Isaacson shows an open kitchen and part of the living area complete with signature touches like rocket sculpture and what looks like a katana or tachi sword is evidence.