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Ensure a Spotless Environment With High-Quality Floor Scrubbers

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An environment that exudes professionalism and trust sends a strong signal of professionalism and can help build customer loyalty over time.

If your staff is spending hours transporting mop buckets around your facility, consider investing in an effective floor scrubber to increase productivity while decreasing maintenance costs. These powerful cleaning machines will increase productivity while simultaneously decreasing upkeep expenses.

Saves Labor Hours

Maintaining a clean work environment is of utmost importance in any industry, yet mopping only moves dirt, bacteria and viruses around. By choosing floor scrubbers instead, you can save labor hours by reducing manual cleaning requirements.

Choose a floor scrubber with the appropriate cleaning path size for your facility’s needs, such as 17″ or 20″ models for small retail shops, cafeterias, drug and parts stores or offices.

Choose a model that allows workers to adjust cleaning pressure and dilution levels via their control panel, while also offering easy access. Consider an emptying/refilling system with separate tanks in separate areas or an extra-long drain hose for efficient access.

Increases Productivity

Maintaining clean floors reduces health and safety violations, reduces germ transmission and ensures production integrity. A quality floor scrubber also saves money on maintenance costs by eliminating the need for expensive chemicals, cleaning supplies and labor services.

Your facility requirements will determine which scrubber will best meet them. For example, large open spaces requiring wide cleaning paths might benefit from having a ride-on scrubber as an effective cleaning solution.

Consider whether you require a corded or battery-powered machine. Also think about how often refilling water and detergent tanks as well as draining wastewater will need to take place – regular usage justifies investing in quality devices to increase productivity and increase productivity.

Reduces Upkeep Costs

Floor scrubbers offer an economical alternative to manual mops that requires considerable human labor: by enabling staff to work more quickly, floor scrubbers help decrease cleaning costs while simultaneously decreasing employee burnout and raising morale, which in turn increases productivity further.

Scrubbers help reduce upkeep costs by eliminating the need for staff to lug a mop bucket around your facility, thus eliminating the risk of messy spills that leave behind slippery sheens on floors or may present health and safety risks to employees.

Look for equipment with multitasking abilities such as sweeper/extractors and burnishers to reduce cleaning time drastically, and always replace pads and brushes on your scrubber regularly for optimal performance.

Prevents Slips and Trips

Slips, trips and falls are one of the most frequently reported workplace injuries, yet often seem minor at first glance. Yet even seemingly minor incidents can result in costly lawsuits and severe bodily harm; facility managers can reduce these risks by keeping floors clean and safe.

Cleaning staff often rely on the glug-glug method of dosing chemicals into mop buckets, leaving behind an unsightly chemical mess on the floor and an increased slip risk. A chemical dilution station allows your janitorial staff to precisely regulate how much cleaning solution is applied on floors at once.

An adjustable floor scrubber makes it easy to reach into corners and around furniture for cleaning without leaving behind wet floors, which helps ensure a thorough, consistent clean without leading to accidents caused by slippery floors. This could significantly decrease accidents.

Improves Your Brand Image

Customers and vendors visiting your business facility often notice how clean its floors are upon arriving, with dirty floors establishing the impression that you do not place value on appearance or community relations.

Maintaining clean floors also helps reduce bacteria and germs that cannot be reached with traditional mopping, leading to a healthier environment for employees and customers alike.

Auto scrubbers also enable your janitorial team to complete more work in less time, with reduced cleaning times and reworks, saving both time and money while freeing them up for other tasks that contribute to business growth and customer satisfaction. In turn, this makes the value of floor scrubbers far beyond mere dollars and cents.