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10 DIY Home Improvement Projects You Can Do in a Weekend

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Doing home improvements yourself can increase the value of your property while providing a sense of accomplishment and saving money in the process. Some projects, like installing a programmable thermostat, may even save money by saving energy consumption costs.

While large scale renovations can be costly, smaller DIY home improvement projects are easier and faster to accomplish on a weekend budget. Here are 10 DIY home improvement projects you can complete without hiring professionals that will add value and enhance your living space without spending a lot of money or taking up too much of your free time.

1. Install New Flooring

Installing new flooring can be one of the fastest home improvement projects. Prep the floor first using a hammer and chisel to level out any high spots or reduce any low areas before beginning work on installing.

Switching out pantry doors can make an incredible impactful statement in your kitchen, from sleek and polished styles to upcycled barn door looks. There are numerous choices from which you can select.

Installing new doorknobs will instantly upgrade the look of any builder-grade door. It is an incredibly straightforward DIY project and takes only hours to complete; find many stylish choices at local hardware stores.

2. Replace Door Hardware

Unarmed with the appropriate tools and materials and an eagerness to explore new things can transform the look of your home while giving you a sense of accomplishment. Though major renovations might not be practical for everyone, smaller upgrades can add significant value without incurring debt or draining your savings account.

For instance, if your doors or floors have begun to squeak, using a short spray of WD-40 could help quiet them for minimal cost. Or upgrade your electrical system by switching out an older manual thermostat with one that supports programming for around $100. Or take your yard design further by installing stone pavers for pathways throughout your garden – these improvements will increase curb appeal as well as value when it’s time to sell – making your current home feel like more homely space than before!

3. Upgrade Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures

Give your home an updated appearance with new ceiling fans and light fixtures. These simple projects can make an enormous impactful statement about how each of your rooms appear and feel.

Replace inefficient fans with more energy-efficient models to lower your electricity bill and upgrade light fixtures to be more energy-saving. Be sure to switch off all power sources before taking these steps; additionally use a non-contact voltage detector to make sure no live wires are being touched during removal of existing fixtures.

Create an eye-catching focal point in any room with an accent wall. Paint it a vibrant shade or install wallpaper to add texture and visual interest, or refinish your hardwood floors for an updated look – these projects are the perfect way to personalize and increase the value of your home!

4. Install Window Boxes

Add or replace window trim to give your home an updated, stylish appearance. Choose from the range of off-the-rack options at your local home improvement center, or opt for customized crown molding for an exclusive touch.

Painting is an economical and straightforward home improvement project that can instantly rejuvenate any room’s look and feel, giving homeowners an opportunity to experiment with colors and finishes. Plus, painting offers you an excuse to explore all those possibilities in DIY mode!

These classic white planters make an enchanting addition to this porch railing, while their simple plastic window box liner allows for swapping out herbs such as parsley, oregano and basil for fresh cooking ingredients. Salvaged wrought-iron fencing adds texture by covering its top.

5. Deep Clean Your Rugs

When you’re tired of seeing white walls, switching up their hue can transform any space and make a drastic impactful difference in any room. Painting makes a dramatic statement about who you are as an individual!

Before cleaning an area rug, first take it outside and shake it to rid itself of as much dirt and dust as possible, followed by vacuuming both sides. After that is completed, test any store-bought or homemade cleaner on an inconspicuous part of the rug to make sure that its colors do not run.

Assemble your cleaning solution in a bucket and use small sections of it to apply to your rug in small applications while scrubbin. After the rug is clean, rinse it out completely with your garden hose until all soapy residue has been rinsed away by running clear water through it – then allow the rug to dry in an area protected from direct sunlight for best results.

6. Upgrade Your Door Knobs

Replacing door knobs that have seen better days is an easy project that can make an immediate change to the appearance of your home and increase security.

To replace a doorknob, start by unscrewing and unscrewing off its plate on one side of the door. Next, use an exterior hole in the door itself to access any interior mechanisms like latches. Slide your new handle onto its spindle before tightening its screws firmly.

Paint is a cost-effective, straightforward DIY home improvement project that can transform any room. By selecting light-reflecting hues or creating an eye-catching feature wall adorned with board and batten or bold hues, it can instantly elevate any space. Hanging drapes at ceiling height can add drama while giving the appearance of more space.

7. Install Crown Molding

Installing crown molding can be a simple DIY project that adds elegance to any room. The hardest part about installing it will be cutting it into the correct angle – but miter saws and coping saws make this relatively effortless.

Revamp your tired trim with fresh stain or paint for a new color, or give your home an eye-catching facelift by dressing up the front door and adding potted plants near your walkway.

Be sure to conceal wall blemishes by filling nail holes with all-purpose drywall compound and caulking the edges and joints – this quick, inexpensive project will make your home appear brand new!

8. Replace Stained Window Coverings

Plastic blinds and paper shades often included with homes can make a room appear cheap and outdated, creating an uninviting atmosphere for guests. Replacing them with plantation shutters, wooden blinds or drapes will not only increase resale value but also create a more welcoming appearance for visitors.

Repainting walls with non-toxic paint is an efficient and quick way to instantly refresh a space. For optimal results, choose light colors that reflect sunlight and make the room seem airier and wider.

An indoor herb or vegetable garden is an attractive, low-cost home improvement project that adds long-term value. Planting herbs and vegetables that you can cook with reduces grocery costs while providing fresh produce to nourish your family. To get started, visit your local nursery to speak to staff about which varieties thrive in your region; alternatively you can find tutorials online for how to build raised beds yourself.

9. Add Shelving

Are you in need of some home improvements, but don’t have much money or time? Consider these simple updates which won’t require too much of either money or effort – all while making an immediate difference!

Paint can add vibrant color and transform the appearance of any space, such as smaller rooms that feel smaller. Choose light hues for larger, brighter spaces while darker tones create an intimate and welcoming ambience.

Give a rusty little wagon new life by turning it into a stylish shelf! Dornob showcases this DIY project which involves cutting pieces of barn wood into shelves along ladder rungs and attaching them securely with fasteners; similarly, old apple or peach crates can also be converted to shelves like shown here on Nur Noch.

10. Install Smart Speakers

Home improvement projects don’t need to involve major renovations and costly professional help; you can still give your house the makeover it needs in just one weekend with simple DIYs ranging from minor annoyance fixes and upgrades that provide instant satisfaction.

Repainting an interior room can be one of the quickest and easiest ways to instantly give your home an update, particularly if you opt for non-toxic paints. Installing a fire pit also creates an inviting outdoor gathering spot ideal for gatherings.

Crown molding is an affordable and straightforward way to give your home an instant upgrade, giving it a custom look in bathrooms, bedrooms and hallways alike. Plus, turning an entryway closet into a mudroom makes guests more welcome while cutting clutter levels significantly!