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How to Organize Your Home and Declutter Your Space

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Cluttered homes can make it hard to keep things organized, and finding what you need. Thankfully, there are several easy solutions available to you to organize your space and declutter it!

Split your organizing project up into manageable tasks and schedule them on your calendar to help keep on task and avoid getting sidetracked midway! Doing this will keep motivation high while getting through all that needs doing!

Make a List

Decluttering can be a time-consuming task, so ensure it is on your calendar. Set aside several hours one day each week or over multiple weekends; this will help get your home back in working order quicker while saving time when searching for items or cleaning up after them.

If you feel overwhelmed, set a decluttering goal for just one room or area at a time. Perhaps that room causes you the most headache or is the first impression guests get of your home; or it might simply be one in which better organization systems would make life easier for you.

After selecting your space to organize, determine what tasks must be completed there. A task list can keep you focused and on track, especially if this is your first attempt at being organized. These might include tasks such as putting away items, fixing or mending anything broken, recycling waste materials and disposing of trash.

Be prepared for some setbacks, including the fact that your space will likely become disorganized again once the initial cleanup has concluded. Therefore, it’s vitally important to establish and uphold routines and habits which will enable you to maintain order even months and years after initial decluttering efforts have ended.

Get Organized

Sometimes it can be challenging to find time for keeping your home tidy, but making this a priority should not be neglected; an unorganized space can lead to disorganization in both thoughts and life. Include decluttering on your weekly chore list just like any other household task.

Clutter tends to accumulate in our living spaces and bedrooms, as well as closets, kitchen cabinets and drawers. Clutter can easily creep into any area in our homes: an unwashed cup here or a pile of papers there can quickly accumulate until your entire home is filled with items that don’t belong there anymore.

Just a few regular sessions of decluttering can keep a significant amount of clutter at bay, helping prevent it from building up further in the first place. To get motivated, identify areas which cause most irritation before setting an hour aside to focus on those spaces.

As an aid to you in starting, I have collected expert-approved organizing hacks to tackle some of the most frequently visited rooms of your home as well as areas prone to collecting clutter such as desks and dressers. No matter whether it’s time for an intensive overhaul or simply to add some order back in, these expertly recommended ideas are sure to come in handy!

Donate or Sell

Home organizers agree that the key to creating an organized space begins with a thorough clearing out. Caroline Roberts, a KonMari consultant and H&G contributing expert suggests that by donating or selling any unwanted items in your home, donations or sales can clear space for investment in organizational materials you actually require.

Before deciding between selling and donating your clutter, be sure to carefully weigh all the benefits and drawbacks associated with both options. Selling can require time and resources for pricing and advertising purposes whereas donating is often faster and easier; ultimately it all boils down to what makes sense at this stage in your life.

Once you know which items to keep, organize them by category, season, color or any other appropriate method – this will enable you to find what you need quickly when needed and protect you against misplacing items later on.

Set yourself up for success when it comes to organizing by creating weekly and monthly recurring tasks in your planner or task manager app. These could range from daily habits such as clearing your inbox or folding laundry to weekly chores such as organizing the refrigerator or vacuuming the basement as well as monthly ones like replacing air filters and steaming carpets – providing a consistent framework to stay on track with decluttering goals while keeping your home tidy and decluttered.

Keep It Clean

Maintaining order in an overstuffed house may seem an impossible feat, but following a few easy tips can make the task far simpler. First of all, designate an area for all items – like an entryway bin for hats, gloves, and umbrellas instead of leaving them on an entryway table – before using them again to keep clutter at bay.

Clutter can create feelings of being overwhelmed, which can have serious detrimental effects on both mental and physical health. Finding items can also take longer due to clutter. Making time to declutter can help give you back control of your space – increasing happiness while decreasing stress.

Home organization is a marathon, not a sprint. Start slowly by selecting which room of the house to tackle first; perhaps your bathroom or bedroom closets. Or prioritize spaces like your kitchen counters and office desk that tend to become disorganized quickly, such as setting aside time on a regular basis for decluttering and cleaning routines.