Using Tech to Stay Healthy During Covid-19

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The Covid-19 has affected our lives in ways we unimaginable in our wildest dreams a few months ago. Not a single aspect of our social life is immune to its reverberations. With such drastic changes happening in our lives, it’s natural to feel tense, anxious, overwhelmed, or stressed.

But such emotions over extended periods can take a serious toll on our physical and emotional well-being and it’s more crucial than ever to stay fit and healthy – both mentally and physically. Thanks to modern tech, we have a plethora of ways to stay fit, healthy, and connected during these unprecedented times.   

Use of Fitness Apps

Fitness is no more a new concept and every one of us is already aware of them. But the corona pandemic has forced app developers to introduce a range of new features to make it convenient for people to maintain their exercise routine at home – at a time when most gyms and fitness centers have closed the doors. No wonder the demand for health and fitness apps has surged by 46% worldwide during the first half of 2020.

Now, you can set customized diet plans, workout goals, and sleep notifications to monitor your health. Also, users can prerecord online classes, get virtual lessons on dozens of home-based workouts with professional evaluation and guidance.

Fitness Gadgets

Along with mobile-based apps, fitness wearable gadgets can play a proactive role in monitoring your health to get through this pandemic. These trackers such as smartwatches, wrist bands, etc. can monitor your heartbeat, sleep, blood pressure, total steps walked or run, and more and thereby help you make informed decisions about your health and fitness.

Choose the health tracker that suits your lifestyle – and budgetary allocations – and stay active and healthy.  

Filter Out Your News

One of the major contributors to mental stress is ‘media sensationalism.’ The trend of exaggeration and dissemination of half-baked truth can aggravate the stress and disorder of the viewers. Also, the phenomenon of ‘information overloading’ worsens anxiety and depression.

That’s why you have to get news from reliable sources and develop a habit of ignoring negative or over-generalized information. You can install reliable news apps on Smartphones or follow credible accounts on Facebook and Twitter to stay abreast.

Indulge in Entertaining Activities

Enough scientific evidence is present to corroborate that loneliness and boredom affect mental and physical health. Keeping yourself entertained and busy during the ongoing pandemic is vital. You can watch your favorite TV shows, solve digital puzzles, learn new courses online, listen to music, or anything that gives you peace of mind. 

Virtual Meetings with Your doc

If you’re on medication and need regular sessions with your therapist or doctor, don’t skip that due to corona restrictions. Instead, arrange virtual sessions with them on WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, or Zoom and get the necessary guidelines on your health.

Final Remarks

To sum up, you have to be extra cautious of your mental and physical health during the age of the corona virus. Despite being caged in the homes, you can keep full track of your health using modern technology.  

I hope you’ll bone up on the above guideline and stay fit and healthy – wherever you’re.