Exercising: A Beginner’s Guide

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Exercise is one of the most important things you can do for your body. As a person with the intent to enjoy your life, fitness elevates everything you do, giving you full freedom and control over your body. If you’ve ever thought about getting fit, but you just haven’t had a proper nudge in the right direction, this guide is for you. Here, we cover some basic information you need to begin creating the proper lifestyle that can keep your body healthy.

Now, you might have seen a lot of fitness newson the internet claiming different facts about exercising. With all the conflicting information out there, here’s all that you actually need to know.

What Exercises should I do as a beginner?

This is a question that requires a nuanced answer. The choice is yours, but the most important thing is to stick to something that works for you, and makes you feel good while doing it. The best way to figure this out is by trying different things. On the most basic level, push-ups are a great choice. Although they are perhaps the most famous workout, they earned that status for a reason. Being consistent with your go-to exercise can work wonders for your confidence and fitness journey.

In a nutshell, stick to what works for you, but be sure to do it in the right form. Ask for help at the gym, look it up on the internet and practice it consistently.

How often should I exercise as a beginner?

The frequency of your workouts is something that is mainly dependent on how much your body can take. Remember, working out is done to train your muscles and body. If you’re just starting out, you’ll need to avoid overdoing it. Exercising every single day might seem like the fastest way to get in shape, but it could actually have opposite results.

As a rule of thumb, be sure to only work out with at least 1 or 2 day intervals. On the days you do decide to work out, make sure you listen to your body, and stop when it starts to feel too much. Your muscles are basically waking up at this stage, so it may hurt quite a bit.

How do I exercise at home as a beginner?

We get it, beginning your exercise journey at a gym can feel like a huge commitment, so you might want to test the waters at home. It’s a great way to develop the habit, so you should get a few things in order.

First, be sure to get an exercise mat. It isn’t a huge requirement, but it’s a helpful way to support your joints.

Next, you’ll want to create a solid exercise plan. This involves a routine for some aspect of your physical strength that you want to improve. For example, a strength plan. There are many resources on the internet that cover this, so be sure to check them out before jumping into it fully.


A fitness journey is not an easy one, but with consistency, results will begin to appear. Stick to it and resist the urge to give up!