Best Small Business Loans in 2024

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Banks offer various small business loans, including term loans, lines of credit, equipment financing, and invoice financing. Lenders usually require good personal credit scores as well as years in business to secure funding.

Accion stands out as an innovative alternative lender by catering specifically to women- and minority-owned businesses, while offering services such as business advising. Furthermore, Accion boasts low minimum credit score requirements.

Online and Alternative Lenders

Before applying for a business loan, conduct research to compare rates, fees and terms among lenders. As part of due diligence preparations, gather any required documentation such as a business plan, at least 12 months’ personal and business bank statements from both personal and business banks; industry details; company credit report copies from bureaus; copies of legal documents as well as an outline for how loan proceeds will be utilized.

Online and alternative lenders like Credibly and Funding Circle provide loan terms tailored to the creditworthiness of your business, with short-term lines of credit, long-term loans and other forms of financing such as equipment leasing and invoice factoring available at competitive terms. Most have less stringent requirements than traditional banks; therefore even businesses with poor credit may qualify. With Nav accounts you can see what financing options may be available to you based on how your revenue generates enough revenue to make loan payments without disrupting cash flow; this can be measured using your debt payment schedule against gross annual or monthly revenue figures.

SBA Loans

The Small Business Administration offers several loan options to assist with starting or expanding a company, from startup loans to long-term funding options with flexible terms and repayment structures to meet any business need. Plus, their loans generally have lower credit requirements compared with traditional financing solutions.

SBA loans can provide more competitive rates and easier approval terms, which could include 7(a) loans for general purposes, CDC/504 loans for real estate and equipment financing needs, or microloans tailored to smaller borrowing needs.

All collateral loans are secured by collateral such as equipment or inventory that the lender can seize if you fail to meet loan obligations. Some lenders also require you to sign a personal guarantee; others don’t impose this requirement at all – so check each lender’s guidelines for more information on requirements.

Vehicle or Equipment Leases

Small business loans can be complex decisions to make, so they must be approached with care and should include an understanding of how your company will pay back any debt incurred. Crest Capital can offer financing up to $250,000 for machinery and software purchases.

Other lenders that specialize in equipment and vehicles include Lendio, which offers various loan amounts with variable repayment terms, and Credible, an online platform which shows prequalified rates without impacting your credit score. Be sure to carefully read each lender’s requirements before applying – they could include personal and business financial history as well as credit scores, monthly revenue estimates, cash flow information and any other details required by them.

Factoring companies offer businesses who have fluctuating or irregular income sources an option to purchase needed equipment through purchasing their outstanding accounts receivable. They’re especially beneficial to manufacturing operations, transportation industries and those processing large orders.


Bank business loans may be an appropriate choice for some small businesses, particularly if the borrower already has an established relationship with their lender or need access to larger sums of capital. Bank loans tend to come with lower interest rates than alternative lending alternatives but may impose stricter qualification criteria and require personal guarantees as collateral against nonpayment of the loan.

Some banks provide simple application processes for small business loans and credit lines, such as TD Bank’s unsecured Business Advantage term loan application online or with their representative over the phone or in person. Credible simplifies this loan process further by instantly checking rates with multiple lenders based on information that’s unique to your business such as financials, credit score or duration in business.