My Most-Awaited Tour to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji

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If there is one thing that I’m thrilled about the upcoming year, it’s my most-awaited trip to three of my favourite countries in the world – Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. Personally, I’m quite crazy about places with a generally mild climate and tons of nature sights to see, so these countries deserve to be at the top of my list. I’m planning to leave in March to celebrate my birthday and have a one-of-a-kind experience in those countries. Honestly, my itinerary is not final, yet, since I’m still thinking of a few places that may be worth a visit. Nevertheless, let me share with you some of the cities and attractions that I am planning to visit next year (although I have been to some of these in my past trips).


On the first leg of my weeklong trip, I’m thinking of re-visiting Australia for some adventure and cultural experience. I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie, so naturally, what I look for in an exciting trip abroad is some active and fun adventure to the land down under. This coming year, my goal is to head off to Brisbane, which is famous for a few awesome attractions including the Riverlife Adventure Centre. Some of my friends who have been there were thrilled about the place since there were endless things to do in that place, particularly for adventurous travellers. For instance, visitors can have the time of their life kayaking or paddling down the breathtaking Brisbane River, or go rock climbing on the infamous Kangaroo Point Cliffs. I’m seriously thinking of going to those places, which my friends have recommended me to visit. Well, since I can’t resist water sports activities, there’s no doubt I’ll check those places out next year.

Another attraction that I’m planning to visit is the Southbank Parklands, which I usually go to every time I’m off to Australia. For me, there’s nothing else that can be liberating and relaxing than strolling along this breezy parklands, which is the ultimate setting for a fantastic day out. Among the best things to do here include a leisurely stroll along the lush gardens and inner city beach, riverside cycling, dining at some of the finest bars and restaurants, and shopping. I’ve been there once with my family, and I must say there’s something for people of all ages to enjoy in Southbank Parklands.

One of the reasons why I’ve chosen to leave in March (aside from the fact that it’s my birthday) is to watch Bruno Mars perform live on stage. A few weeks ago, I visited the Ticketbis website and found out that Bruno Mars is having a concert in March at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre. It’s so cool that Ticketbis has tickets for all major live events and gigs, so I’m definitely going to watch his concert in Brisbane since I’ll be there in the city, anyway.

New Zealand

After an exhilarating trip to Australia, I’ll be off to New Zealand for some nature trip. Everybody knows NZ as a friendly, otherworldly and breathtaking country that is home to stunning beaches, fiords, thermal regions and impressive mountains preserved by the government and other environmentally-conscious organizations. So, it’s not impossible to fall in love with everything about the place because of its flawless beauty.

My first stop to my cruise trip to NZ is at Rotorua, which is otherwise known as the country’s thermal wonderland. It is home to some of the finest hot springs, geysers, reserves and parks in NZ. After my tour to this place, I’m planning to drop by Wai-O Tapu that is also regarded for its striking appearance and lovely hot springs. After all, any trip to New Zealand will never be complete without a tour to its awe-inspiring hot springs and parks.

Then, I’m heading to the Bay of Islands, which is popular for its secluded bays, rich marine life, and fantastic sandy beaches. I can’t wait to go sailing and explore this gorgeous place that locals and foreigners rave about. It also boasts of its remarkable marine life that includes penguins, big marlin, whales and dolphins.


Fiji is known the world over for its fascinating volcanic islands, and it is the best place to be for budget-conscious travellers because there are several cheap accommodations and restaurants to choose from in this place. For instance, Suva, is a great place to visit in Fiji, which also happens to be its capital. This is where colonial architectures are found, and there are several restaurants and night spots found in this lovely city.

Another great place to go to is the Fiji Museum, specifically for tourists who want to learn more about the Fijian culture and tradition. The museum features impressive displays such as HMS bounty relics, cannibal forks, tribal weaponry, artefacts and shell jewellery.

Next, i’m heading to the Upper Navua River for an action-packed day. Whitewater rafting is a popular activity here, and there are different grades of rapids that are excellent for beginners or pros in this exciting activity. In fact, you can go whitewater rafting and kayaking as you pass by the mangroves and rivers.

So there you have it – my line up of places to visit and things to do for my upcoming trip next year. I’m sure my trip will be worth it since I’ve decided to go on cruise tours for less hassles and more time to visit all the best places in these three amazing countries on the planet.