Piso WiFi – How to Use the Pause Time Feature (10.10 0.1 piso wifi pause time)

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The Pause Time (10.10 0.1 piso wifi pause time) feature is an effective and innovative way of controlling internet usage. It enables users to pause their connection during paid internet time – great for those on a budget as it also prevents overage charges from accruing.

Piso Wifi system is an ideal way for those wishing to access the internet from home. Easy and functional, its benefits extend well beyond connectivity.

Managing your internet usage

As a business owner, you understand the significance of properly managing your internet usage. Overusing your data allowance could result in additional charges or reduced connection speeds; to prevent this scenario from occurring, make use of the pause time feature of your piso wifi router as an easy and efficient means to track Internet use.

Start off by gathering both a Piso WiFi device and router with IP address of After connecting these, accessing the Piso wifi Admin Portal enables you to add money, pause timers and modify other settings as necessary.

Piso wifi’s pause time app gives you the freedom to use their service anywhere, with easy installation, user-friendliness and compatibility across devices. Travelers looking to save money can also take advantage of this app on iOS or Android devices – click here for more info on that option!

Using the pause time feature

Piso wifi system’s Pause Time feature is an effective way to manage internet usage, allowing you to pause it for up to an hour without running out of data or worrying about overspending online. It is particularly helpful for students, professionals, or anyone wanting to monitor their online consumption.

To use the Pause Time feature on your router’s admin page using address, log-in first then browse down until you find “Internet Access Time” option and click. Next choose how long your pause should last before selecting how you would like to resume Internet connectivity.

Common causes of internet pauses include low signal strength, IP address conflicts and physical obstructions (walls, furniture etc). If these issues continue, it would be prudent to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP). They should be able to help quickly address and resolve this problem while offering tips to prevent further issues in the future.

Limiting your internet usage

Pause Time is more than cost-efficient – it also gives users flexible control of their internet usage, enabling them to run errands, take breaks, or attend meetings without fearing they’re using up too much data. Furthermore, user empowerment and understanding how their online activities impact budgets is strengthened through this feature.

To pause internet access on a Piso Wifi router, log into its admin panel using your login credentials and then use “Pause Access” to set your desired duration of pause time – once the period ends, your network will once more become accessible.

A pause function is an invaluable asset to businesses offering public WiFi. It can help boost revenues and brand recognition while protecting against an overload of data being transmitted onto the network. But be careful not to abuse this function too frequently as doing so may slow down or even stop functioning altogether.

Resetting the device

If your Piso WiFi device is acting strangely, resetting may help. A factory reset can clear away applications and settings which might be causing issues and restore its original state. Each Android device differs in how this process should take place – but prior to doing anything else it is wise to back up all your data just in case something goes amiss.

Utilizing LPB Piso Wifi Pause Time is an easy and free way to monitor your Internet use. Simply login to the administrator portal and select an option if desired to temporarily pause your connection when necessary.

Piso wifi’s Pause Time feature is an invaluable asset to people with limited Internet access in their homes, offering savings potential on monthly bills while redeeming and earning vouchers at the same time.