How to Login to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

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Today’s digitalized world has given birth to new ways of publishing books; Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) provides authors with an innovative platform that enables them to self-publish their works and reach millions of readers globally through self-publishing platforms like this one. By bypassing traditional publishers altogether and saving themselves the fees involved with book rights retention, KDP enables authors to self-publish without incurring huge publishing fees themselves and still owning ownership of their book rights.

Before beginning publishing your eBook on Kindle Direct Publishing, it is necessary to create an account. To do this, visit their website and click “Your Account” located in the upper-left corner and choose your password reset method either through email or phone.

Once you have created a Kindle Direct Publishing account, the next step will be uploading your book file. Kindle Direct Publishing’s website provides detailed instructions for uploading, but the process should be relatively painless. Once uploaded, create your cover and description; these will appear to potential readers on both the store homepage and search results; so investing time here could make or break sales!

Your book needs to be in an appropriate genre and category; these categories allow buyers to navigate their way through the Kindle store easily, so selecting these carefully is crucial. In addition, keywords (terms that prospective buyers might type into the search box of the Kindle store) should also be entered; please be aware that only two words at a time can be entered; double keyword phrases count as one keyword each time.

Step two is to decide if your book falls into public domain or original works that were written by yourself; this will impact how much royalty payments will be dispersed monthly to authors. If you reside in America, Amazon requires your Social Security number so they can accurately report earnings.

Once your book is ready to publish, just click “Publish” on Kindle Direct Publishing website and wait a few minutes while the Kindle Previewer examines your eBook for any errors that need correcting.

Press “Publish” again to publish your book and create an e-book version that can be read on Kindle devices as well as paperback files for purchase through Amazon’s print-on-demand service. Several days later, your book should be ready for sale on the Kindle Store; should any issues arise during that time please reach out to their customer support team via email or phone for assistance.