Getting Started on Instagram – 10 Things You Need to Do

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Instagram is a visual social media platform that enables you to share photos or videos with your audience while adding filters, emojis, text and other interactive elements into posts.

Businesses often utilize Instagram to showcase their work or give an inside glimpse at their company, and this article will offer the basics of getting started with Instagram.

1. Download the App

Instagram is a visual-centric social media app with multiple features, including the ability to post photos and videos as well as edit your content with filters and add text.

The app includes a main feed which displays recent posts from accounts you follow and a bottom menu bar with various options.

Once you tap on the magnifying glass icon on the bottom row, you are taken directly to the Search & Explore page which provides content tailored specifically to your interests. Here, you can also search for specific users or hashtags; additionally galleries and collections may provide some inspiration as well as sharing directly to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr; while using Co-watching allows for group viewing of Instagram posts over voice/video calls with friends.

2. Create Your Profile

Instagram is a visual social media platform where users can post photos, videos and stories. Businesses use Instagram to connect with their target audiences and increase engagement.

As your first step, it is necessary to create a profile for your business. This should include providing an appropriate username, a high-quality photo (preferably square) and writing out an informative bio that details who your organization is.

Add your website or email address in your bio, especially if your customer base is local. Including these elements can increase sales.

Use Instagram Insights to track your progress. This will enable you to understand which posts and reels are performing well and when your audience is most active. Based on this data, optimize posting times and content strategy accordingly for maximum results – even save draft posts and reels until a later time!

3. Add a Photo or Video

Instagram push notifications allow you to get alerted whenever someone likes or comments on one of your posts, giving your audience another way to connect.

Instagram allows you to add captions to your posts, providing additional context or clarifying what they’re about. Use hashtags as well – Instagram has improved its search capabilities over time by pulling keywords from Reels, captions and even hashtags in order to rank content in user feeds.

4. Add a Caption

Add captions to your Instagram posts is an effective way of engaging with your audience and adding context to photos and videos posted to Instagram. Incorporating them can also serve as a valuable way of providing key details like contact information or offering calls-to-action for specific audiences.

Instagram now makes it easier than ever to create and edit captions directly within posts! Simply tap the three dot icon at the top right corner to open a larger window and choose “Edit Caption”.

Instagram Stories allow you to add captions by selecting the CAPTIONS sticker; however, this feature only works if your video story contains transcribable audio. If you need to add non-trancribable captions instead of transcribable audio tracks, Riverside may provide more accurate and editing control than Instagram’s built-in captioning capabilities.

5. Post Often

Your best chance at growing an Instagram following lies in consistently posting. Doing this keeps followers accustomed to seeing new content from you on a regular basis, increasing brand recognition.

Instagram management tools can make this process simpler by enabling you to schedule posts in advance and stay consistent in posting, which is essential in engaging with your target audience and understanding Instagram’s algorithm.

Differ your content by posting both pictures and videos; this can increase engagement while helping your rank higher in search results.

6. Engage with Others

Instagram can be an incredible platform to build connections and promote your business. There are various ways you can engage with content on this platform:

To like a post, tap on the heart icon at the bottom. To leave a comment and type your thoughts into it, tap speech bubble icon. To subscribe to someone’s posts click paper airplane icon or open their profile and select “Turn On Post Notifications.”

Search people by name or location on Instagram, which will provide a list of results that might be of interest. Explore also allows you to explore videos and stories from users outside your follower list, providing more personalized experiences for followers who would otherwise struggle to learn about you or your brand. Adding your website or blog link in your bio allows them to quickly learn more about you or your brand!

7. Be Creative

Instagram is a fun and creative way to share your life with your friends and followers. Use it to capture photos or videos, create stories or add captions for posts.

One way to be more creative on Instagram is to come up with unique hashtags that reflect your content, which will allow more eyes to find you through search results and increase the chance of new users discovering it.

Utilize trending hashtags to increase visibility for your content; just be careful not to overuse them and overwhelm your target audience’s feeds. One creative use of Instagram could include remixing a post or Reel from another user by adding one of your own clips – an effective way of increasing reach while expanding on someone else’s idea!

8. Use Hashtags

Hashtags can be an effective way to expose your content to its target audience, but use them carefully and sparingly. Too many hashtags may signal to Instagram that your post is spammy, thus diminishing its reach and diminishing its effectiveness (e.g. a post using #travel may generate many posts from people uninterested in that topic).

Hashtags should be included in both places if possible; however, hashtags tend to work best as part of your caption because this helps Instagram understand what the content means and can even be used to tag locations that increase exposure.

9. Follow Other Accounts

Instagram is an aesthetic platform, so it makes sense to follow accounts that post appealing photos and videos. To quickly find these accounts of interest, search using keywords in Explore or tap a profile name directly for their posts.

Keep an eye out for accounts that seem eager to follow you back just for the sake of it; these could be spam accounts simply looking to build their numbers of followers. If this occurs, simply navigate back to their profile and tap “Following”. If muting is preferred over unfollowing them altogether, simply do this in their profile by tapping the “Following” button.

Consider performing a competitive analysis on your competitors and their content by monitoring how often and what kind of posts they’re creating; this can help inform your own content strategy and plan for it accordingly. Using third-party tools like Buffer can also assist with tracking metrics like likes and comments for every post in Instagram.

10. Be Consistent

Consistency is key when building an Instagram presence, as it enables you to establish a recognizable visual identity, engage your target audience more thoroughly and achieve your social media goals.

Assemble a content calendar to stay consistent in posting posts and stories at an appropriate frequency. Doing this will ensure that there will be variety across both social channels.

Use a caption template to ensure that all of your posts have a consistent style and tone. For instance, use question-based or question/answer type captions, incorporating emoji or social media slang terms where applicable.

Be mindful of what resonates with your audience and respond accordingly. If followers seem particularly responsive to behind-the-scenes stories from food bloggers, consider creating similar content. Being adaptable doesn’t mean being fickle; rather it means accepting trends that align with your brand ethos.