5G Technology in Future

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5G technology is the one step beyond 4G technology along with its mobile networks. The research groups are currently working over this framework which would be more beneficial for communication in terms of transmission rate, carrying capacity and channel range. 5G is expected to be launched in most of the developed countries at the end of 2020s and will carry more information than ever before for applications like video streaming and online gaming. With the evolution of 3G and 4G mobile networks the size of internet increased multi-folds within few years. Now days, there will be hardly few users which would not have access to the internet in their devices.

Salient Features

  • 5G mobile technology enables data transmission than all previous schemes of communication
  • 5G is not just an updated version of communication systems evolving from previous standards but it provides a new approach of connectivity between two or more devices
  • This technology is flexible in terms of applications ranging from low data rate to higher data rates
  • 5G can even operate at higher frequency range of wireless spectrum, also known as millimeter wave spectrum
  • Other than its benefits, it also has some consequences harmful for human being and the environment

Biological Effects of 5G

The first and topmost consequence of 5G is the increase in temperature as 5G involves the processing of high energy electromagnetic radiations. Due to increase in temperature, it will affect the climate badly leading to some serious health issues for all living things. Not only it affects beings in terms of cancer, skin issues and eyes diseases but it also decreases the number of species of birds and mammals existing on Earth. The maintenance of temperature must be taken under consideration for the survival of remaining species and retaining the health quality of human beings.

Since the electromagnetic radiations used for 5G technology are of higher frequency, the penetration of high frequency rays into the skin and other tissues of living things increases. Due to greater penetration, some rays even can ionize the tissues and disturbing the overall mechanism. This may cause the damage of sensitive organs of the body like brain tumors where patient loses the control of metabolism and overall consciousness. However, there is limit to resist these rays but electromagnetic radiations used in 5G technology are higher than normal range exposure for living things. These consequences are under review and the researchers are struggling to devise such things which can reduce the biological effects of these radiations.