Smart Cities of the Future

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The director of the Orpan Group, Yaron Meiri, took a trip to Turkey to lecture about the smart city. The Orpan Group’s mission is to bring the wonders of smart city innovations to people from all over the world. 

Yaron is the artistic & creative director, and during his trip to Turkey to lecture on this subject he said “Our primary mission in this world is to make the information available in the best and most efficient way possible.” 

During his impassioned speech, Yaron continued, “One of the greatest challenges of our times is to make the audience not only watch innovation but also feel innovation,”.

Meiri goes onto explain, “The experience of the Orpan Group in general and mine, in particular, taught me two small things: 1. The importance and need of a smart city is a critical need in the 21st century. 2. Mentality and geography cannot stop innovation. Our ability to get out of the box is our strength.”

When governments approached the Orpan Group Chief Creative Officer with a big problem, they seemed to always focus on “smart city tech & solutions”. Although governments attend these conferences, they want to have daily updates about developments regarding smart cities. 

The Orpan Group solved this by starting the Municipal Innovation Center (MIC). This is an incubator where startups and leading technology experts can share solutions, news, case studies and products. This solution brings the best minds in the industry together and provides the daily developmental updates that governments require. 

The start up station at MIC hosts a setting for high-tech smart city products and solutions to present their work. Product displays with augmented reality can show high tech innovations with information layered on top. High tech institutions like the Israel Institute of Technology are using MIC as a platform to showcase their algorithms and 3D solutions. 

Young talent can flock to the MIC to learn about smart city innovation. This field covers every area of a citizens life in a modern city, and will be the starting point for future collaborations with leading companies, governments and countries around the world.