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Novak Djokovic is the greatest tennis player of all time. After winning the Australian Open, his 10th title in Melbourne, and 22nd Grand Slam in his career, the Serbian definitely confirmed the title of G.O.A.T – the greatest ever.

One can talk about affinity towards Novak Djokovic – there will always be those for and against him. But when it comes to numbers, there are no doubts. Firm arguments and facts, no emotions. So, let’s go through it.

Novak Djokovic has the same number of Grand Slam titles as Rafael Nadal – 22. Both have two more than Roger Federer. When it comes to the number of weeks at the top of the ATP ranking, Nole started off 374th as the world’s number one tennis player. Roger Federer has 310, and Rafael Nadal 209. The Serbian has ended the year seven times at the top, while the Spaniard and Swiss have done the same five times.

Djokovic has the most titles at Masters tournaments, 38 in total. Nadal has two less, while Federer has 28. At the ATP Finals, Nole has won six times, the same number as Federer, while Nadal has none. In the total number of titles won, Federer has the most with 103, Djokovic has ten less, and Nadal has eleven less.

Novak has the best percentage when it comes to the ratio of wins and losses – 83.56! He is followed by Nadal with 82.79, while Federer has 81.98. When it comes to direct matches against rivals from the top ten of the ATP list, the Serbian tennis player has almost 70 percent success, namely 69.4. The Spaniard and the Swiss are below 65. The same order is when it comes to wins against players from the Top 3 and Top 5. And there Novak Djokovic is number 1. In the mutual score with Nadal, Djokovic leads in the number of wins 30:29. He is even more convincing when it comes to Federer – 27:23.

Let’s move on. Novak is the best in yet another important parameter. In one season he won the most Masters trophies, Series 1000 tournaments, as many as six. Nadal is weaker by one trophy, and Federer by two in that category.

The element in which Novak is not better than the two great rivals is the Olympic Games. Djokovic has no gold, just bronze from Beijing 2008. Nadal won the brightest award the same year. Federer has gold in doubles with Stanislas Wawrinka 2008 and silver from London 2012 when he lost the final to Andy Murray.

After winning the Melbourne tournament, reporters asked Novak Djokovic who was the best tennis player in the world.

– It’s hard to define that discussion, but results should be the measure. The tennis is very different than before, there are different factors when talking about who is the greatest. Being part of that story is a huge honor. Wherever I show up, especially at the Grand Slams because of this race with Nadal, the pressure is huge. You can’t predict who will get farther, how long it will last, but it’s great for our sport – Novak Djokovic was modest.