We Are Uncovering 4 Interesting Facts About Eros Ramazotti That You Didn’t Know

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Very interesting symbolism and fact that today, 28 October, is Eros Ramazotti’s birthday, and in the spirit of birthday and in anticipation of an epic scale spectacle and world audio-visual experience, we are revealing 4 interesting facts about the international star:

1. Music has been flowing through this artist’s veins since childhood, mostly thanks to his musical family. He has inherited a great passion and great knowledge of music from his father Rodolfo Ramazotti, and Eros’s grandfather was a famous ‘stornellatore’, a singer of folk songs.

2. Eros has all the qualities of a good Italian – he is a sports type, a passionate fan of Juventus team, and now he is the captain of the Italian singing team. He is thankful for being able to use his passion to raise funds for good causes.

3. Apart from singing, the pop star loves horse riding. His free time after his tiring tours and concerts is often devoted to riding in nature. Considering that Eros enjoys absolute freedom, it is no wonder that this hobby is close to his heart.

4. For the end we leave a very interesting fact from the shooting of the song “Ama”. Ramazotti included his daughter Aurora and ex-wife Michelle, neither of them knowing they would be part of the project. It was a real surprise when they all showed up at the shooting. Eros Ramazotti cherishes especially fond memories of the shooting and the project.