Ways to Know If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating on You

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Cheating can be devastatingly upsetting and cause immense emotional turmoil in a relationship, leaving both partners to feel as if their world has collapsed around them.

Cheaters frequently change their behaviors in order to conceal it from their partners, including hiding messages on their phone and using browser history as cover up tools.

1. She’s Not Talking to You

If she suddenly stops talking to you, it could be a telltale sign that something’s amiss – perhaps she has started dating someone new but doesn’t want you to discover this new relationship? Or she might simply be hiding somewhere; either way, you need to determine the best course of action and make your choice from there.

Another potential explanation for why she stopped talking to you could be due to personal difficulties she has been going through recently – for instance stress at work, family tensions or illness are all valid excuses, yet these don’t explain why she suddenly stopped communicating.

She may have found solace in new friendship, and is spending more time with this individual, not interested in discussing or sharing details about her past relationship with you or posting photos online anymore. She might even create a separate username to hide their activity from you.

Your girlfriend might be trying to attract her new love interest by making subtle changes to her appearance, such as wearing more revealing clothing or lingerie or getting a haircut or color to stand out and appear more desirable for him/her.

She may also start picking fights with you over things she wouldn’t normally discuss, in order to undermine your relationship and justify cheating on you. If she acts suspiciously, ask her some probing questions; her responses will provide more clues as to her intentions – such as either defensiveness or dismissing them with anger and aggression.

2. She’s Spending More Time with Her Friends

Not uncommonly, those in romantic relationships maintain separate social lives outside the one shared with their partner. But when your girlfriend suddenly spends more time than usual with her friends without inviting you out as often, this can be cause for alarm.

If she starts dressing differently and making more of an effort when going out with friends, and her desire to spend less time at home increases dramatically, this could be an indicator that she is beginning a new romance. Additionally, it could mean that she’s hanging out with people when it shouldn’t be appropriate such as late nights or weekends.

She may begin speaking more of her friends than of you. If this occurs, it could indicate she’s beginning a new romance and spending more time with them as opposed to you.

Social media posting patterns could change as well, raising red flags. For instance, if she posts pictures that do not involve you and starts posting photos with other people instead, this could be another telltale sign that she may be cheating. Furthermore, if she begins discussing more enjoyable times spent with her friends than you, this may also be a telltale sign she is cheating on you.

Do not spy on anyone. But if she starts acting suspicious, or altering her behavior or showing signs of infidelity, it may be appropriate to raise this subject with her. Just ensure to approach it in an open and non-accusatory way.

3. She’s Spending More Time on Her Phone

If she seems preoccupied with her phone and not talking much to you, this may be a telltale sign she’s texting someone else – she could even hide the screen when in public restrooms so she can text secretly! While this doesn’t necessarily indicate cheating, but should still be considered suspicious behavior.

An unfaithful woman will frequently lie about where she has been and whom she is with, so don’t automatically jump to conclusions if caught in minor lying incidents. However, if she begins lying frequently about who and what they’ve been up to it’s likely an indication that something has changed with their behavior.

Notification should also be paid to whether she’s making plans with her friends without you in mind. If she used to include you, but now doesn’t, this can be seen as an indicator that she either intentionally excluded you or simply has become more focused on her current social circle than before.

Women who cheat may begin picking fights with you or acting distant, often due to guilt over their infidelity. It is important that if she exhibits these signs it be addressed immediately as it could be an indicator that she no longer feels secure in your relationship; she could end up resenting you or feeling as though she deserves better; eventually this may cause her to cheat again if ignored and left to continue this behavior.

4. She’s Acting Overly Affectionate

Women who are cheating may act overly affectionate towards their partner. This may include saying “I love you” frequently or giving gifts randomly without explanation. While this doesn’t guarantee that she’s cheating, it should be monitored closely as it could indicate something amiss.

She may become more secretive and evasive when you ask about what she did during the day or where she has been, and may alter her social media posting habits as a telltale sign that something may be amiss.

Sexual vigor can gradually decrease over time in long-term relationships. But if she suddenly seems disinterested in intimacy altogether, this could be an indicator that she’s seeking sexual satisfaction elsewhere. While it could just be that she has cold feet about intimacy altogether, confronting her about possible cheating might be worthwhile.

Cheaters tend to feel guilty for their actions, which may cause them to make up stories in order to justify it. This may prompt them to become more argumentative with their partner or pick fights at random; such behavior could also indicate she feels unloved within the relationship and is searching for validation elsewhere.

An additional sign that she’s cheating can be seen when a woman starts taking more interest in her appearance than usual, such as wearing different clothing than usual or applying extra effort into her makeup and beauty regime. Such changes in behavior could indicate that she is trying to cover up her infidelity with another partner; or if her appearance has changed since meeting someone new.

5. She’s Dropping Other Things

As someone is engaged in cheating, it can cause them to drop other aspects of their lives – for instance, they might devote more time at work or pursue new hobbies; avoid certain places or people; change their hairstyle/wardrobe in an attempt to appear more attractive to their new partner.

If your girlfriend seems to be behaving strangely, it might be beneficial for both parties involved to have an open and nonjudgmental conversation about it. Otherwise, she might become defensive and accuse you of jealousy or controlling behavior.

As an example, if she starts hiding or placing down her phone when you are around or suddenly adds a passcode on it, this could be an indication that she’s engaging in secret texts or calls with another individual. Also if her social media activity becomes more obscure or she begins using her computer at night when you are sleeping then this may also be a telltale sign she is cheating on you.

An additional red flag should appear if she begins picking fights without cause with you, which could be an indicator that she wants to discredit their relationship in order to justify cheating on you.

If she suddenly seems less engaged with friends and family or exhibits less affection when you’re around them, this could be a telltale sign that she’s cheating on you – although other factors could be at play such as stress from daily life or mental health concerns.