Top 5 Music Schools Shaping Tomorrow’s Stars

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No matter your interest in music performance, musicology or education – there are numerous world-class schools with outstanding facilities, world-renowned faculty members and opportunities to connect with professional musicians available.

An effective musical education should encompass theory and aural skills, music history and solo/ensemble performance as well as liberal arts electives and music technology courses.

The University of Toronto

Established in 1827, the University of Toronto is one of Canada’s preeminent institutions and ranks among the world’s premier universities across many disciplines. Research at this renowned institution has yielded many groundbreaking breakthroughs – such as insulin discovery and electron microscopy. Furthermore, its esteemed faculty teach undergraduate and graduate students from around the globe.

The University of Toronto is home to some of the world’s brightest students, researchers and alumni. Faculty and students push the limits of knowledge through groundbreaking work in fields as varied as molecular genetics, global security and music composition.

The University offers over 700 undergraduate programs and second-entry professional degrees in education, law, business, nursing, pharmacy and medicine across three campuses located in Toronto, Mississauga and Scarborough. Students also have the chance to explore their interests through first-year foundations courses and field courses available through ONE Programs.


Berklee College of Music and Performing Arts stands as a premier school of contemporary music and performing arts, offering over one hundred courses and programs. Students can study undergraduate and graduate degrees, summer, international college pre-college programs and online courses/certificates at Berklee. Their diverse selection of instruments (36 of them!), music business skills, dance/theater training and songwriting makes for a complete education.

College graduates include many notable artists such as DJ Khaled and Charles Otto Puth – an American singer, songwriter and musician renowned for his songs and videos on YouTube.

College is widely known for its innovative curriculum and leadership in many areas. For example, they were the first school to introduce majors in film scoring in 1980 – Academy Award winning composer Howard Shore has since composed over 100 films including Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies thanks to his studies at this institution.

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is one of the world’s foremost research universities, offering graduate and undergraduate programs in arts, sciences, agriculture/forestry/engineering/health sciences/business law as well as Faculte Saint-Jean located five kilometers east of its main campus at Bonnie Doon that offers Bachelor of Arts/Engineering programs.

The University of Alberta stands as one of Canada’s five premier universities and is internationally renowned for its cutting-edge research and discoveries. Offering both undergraduate and graduate programs – some exclusive to Canada such as undergraduate paleontology or land reclamation studies – The U of A is internationally respected for its groundbreaking discoveries and pioneering work.

University of Alberta alumni include celebrities, politicians, businesspeople and athletes from a wide array of professions. Its students and researchers conduct their work on traditional Cree, Blackfoot, Nakota Sioux, Dene and Ojibway/Saulteaux/Anishinaabe territories where Cree, Blackfoot, Nakota Sioux and Dene nations reside – and within this environment of respect for sovereignty, lands, histories, languages knowledge systems cultures of these nations that they wish to inspire students with knowledge systems knowledge systems and cultures – they seeks to engage students by inspiring and engaging them academically and intellectually stimulating them academically and intellectually challenging them academically and engaging them intellectually and engaging them academically and engaging them academically and professionally.

University of British Columbia

UBC was established in 1908 and officially opened for classes in 1915. Since then, its research university status has grown into one of the finest worldwide. Boasting two campuses – Vancouver and Okanagan – UBC offers undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees to its undergraduate, graduate, and professional students alike. UBC research projects focus on climate change research as well as energy usage analysis with preparations to deal with its consequences as well as quantum materials research.

Alumni include astronaut Bjarni Tryggvason, author Joel Bakan, historian Pierre Berton and environmentalist David Suzuki. UBC students elect representatives to sit on its Board of Governors and Academic Senate; its Undergraduate Student Society provides services such as the AMS/GSS Health and Dental Plan for undergraduates.

UBC campus, situated in Vancouver’s gorgeous landscape of mountains and ocean water, inspires bold thinking with its West Coast spirit that encourages challenging convention. Students and faculty collaborate with community partners to find solutions for complex issues; those interested in engaging in for-credit research at UBC may sign up for Directed Studies course and find a supervisor from their department or faculty.