Things to Keep in Your Fire Safe Box

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Jewelry of high value, including wedding rings and other heirlooms, should always be stored safely. Designer accessories should also be safeguarded as thieves often target these products.

Keep these essential items in your fire safe box to help ensure you can quickly access critical documents in an emergency:.

Insurance Policy Information

Fire safe boxes provide the ideal place for you to keep important documents such as medical insurance policy documents, long-term disability policies and property coverage papers safe. Don’t forget your home and auto insurance cards along with agent contact info in your box so that if disaster strikes your life can begin to rebuild quickly.

Your fire safe box should also contain original birth certificates, passports and social security cards to make replacing these important documents more efficient during an emergency situation as well as making it harder for thieves to steal your identity.

Your fire safe should also hold any emergency cash and valuables such as coins and jewelry to help safeguard them from young hands and make retrieving them in an emergency easier. Furthermore, having a gun safe will protect them from fire damage while making them less accessible to children.

Financial Documents

Financial documents must always be secure. This applies both to originals that cannot be replaced and copies of essential papers like birth, death and marriage certificates, property deeds and car titles – as well as power of attorney documents like living wills and health care proxies for you and any surrogates or agents you designate as agents or surrogates.

Keep important documents or items like family photographs or heirloom jewelry secure during emergencies by keeping them in a fireproof safe. Not only will this prevent their being taken by thieves during home break-ins, but it will also make it more difficult for intruders to steal them in case of disasters.

When purchasing a fire safe, look for one with a high temperature rating capable of protecting your valuables and documents from fire or water damage. Bolting it securely to the floor may also help. While high-quality fire proof safes may seem pricey initially, their lasting protection of belongings during an emergency will make every penny worth its cost.

Safety Deposit Box Keys

Your fireproof box should contain many important documents, from checkbooks and savings account books to passports. Storing these items securely will protect them from fire damage in case of housefire, while also making accessing insurance policies faster afterward.

Have you seen news footage showing the aftermath of large house or apartment fires? Survivors often end up desperately searching for crucial documents such as birth certificates, tax records and deeds that they need in order to file taxes, apply for jobs/school places or obtain identity cards. These fires leave many without documentation essential for filing taxes and applying for jobs/school places or renewing identity cards.

People may choose to store important documents at their bank in a safety deposit box. Unfortunately, however, banks only open during banking hours, making it hard for users to quickly access these important files when needed. Furthermore, bank safes don’t protect against fire or flood damage so should only be used for items essential for survival.


If you possess large sums of cash, it’s wise to store it in a fire safe box. Not only will it reduce theft risk but you may need access to it if there is a power outage or your bank experiences an unexpected transition period – checkbooks can still record transactions if the electronic system goes down while money in the safe will help cover bills until things return to normal.

Maintaining a fireproof safe can also help safeguard important documents like insurance policies and birth certificates from being lost in a house fire, leaving survivors to scramble around trying to locate them among the debris.

If you don’t wish to invest in an at-home fireproof safe, there are other places you can hide money and other valuables. A stair tread can be useful but is likely to burn quickly in a house fire, making it not an ideal place to store money. Cat litter and pillows don’t provide sufficient flame resistance either – instead look for fireproof safes with high temperature threshold and an extended time limit as ideal hiding spaces.


A fire safe box provides the ideal storage solution for keeping memorabilia like old maps, books and antiques safe from the elements – especially valuable or delicate items – out of reach of potential thieves and out of view of their reach.

Keep your insurance policy and other important documents stored away safely so you have easy access to them after a fire occurs. People often struggle to locate their birth certificates, Social Security cards and other forms of ID after experiencing home fires; having these readily accessible is crucial.

Fire safe boxes can offer an ideal place to secure jewellery, coin collections, bonds and other precious items that hold great sentimental value. Storing such items in drawers may not provide adequate fire protection or home security measures; burglars frequently target bedroom drawers first. Repair or replacement could be expensive in a fire – safes or fire safe boxes offer an affordable and safe option; look for models with fire ratings of at least 125deg F (325deg C), with keypad or fingerprint reader access for added protection.