Things to Do in Summer

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Summertime is the ideal time for hosting family playdates. Set up a tent in your backyard, share ghost tales, and craft delicious s’mores – these memories will last long after summer ends!

Send toddlers and preschoolers on a summer scavenger hunt, while older kids should look out for signs of summer in nature. This provides an ideal opportunity to teach them how to identify birds!

Camp In

Summer days are ideal for taking time for relaxation. Soak in warm-water beaches, watch sunset from a boat cruise, picnic in a park, take day trip road trips through new towns or cities or spend an afternoon at a museum or outdoor concert – there is so much you can do this summer to unwind and unwind completely.

Expand your culinary horizons this summer by trying something different every week – be it sweet or savory treats – it can be both rewarding and fun to experiment with food and beverages!

Doing the same old routine can get boring over time, so change up your routine with something fun and different. DIY projects, like hummingbird feeders or sidewalk chalk art could add something fresh. Dye your hair a fun summer color or hang a wind chime are other great ideas. Give fishing or camping a try – camping can make any ordinary summer outing feel extra special; make sure to set up camp by the fire and toast some s’mores afterwards for maximum pleasure! For even more incredible natural phenomena try Manhattanhenge which occurs every night when the sun sets along its grid of streets – see it for yourself!

Summer Picnic

A picnic is an outdoor activity that brings people together to experience nature, so why not organize one yourself this summer? Get together, lay out a plaid blanket, set out some snacks on a charcuterie board, and feel the sun on your skin as the wind plays with your hair?

If your backyard isn’t large enough for an ideal picnic spot, why not host a block party instead? Most towns will allow residents to block off residential streets for several hours by making arrangements with city hall and jumping through all necessary hoops.

Packing a picnic basket and enjoying it at the beach or park is another exciting way to make the most of a sunny day. Fill a cooler with drinks, snacks, and lunch items; it’s an excellent opportunity for children to learn outdoor cooking as well as experience new cuisines!

Attending your local museum is another enjoyable activity to do this summer that can educate both kids and adults alike. From art and science exhibits to history archives, museums offer something for everyone!

Go to the Park

When it comes to summer activities, parks are some of our go-to spots. From hosting family picnics and stargazing with friends to devouring delicious ice cream cones adorned with colorful sprinkles or playing pickleball on one of 14 courts at Wollman Rink in Central Park through CityPickle (don’t forget sunscreen!), parks provide us with endless entertainment. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Visit a farmer’s market to stock up on fresh, local produce – you could even start growing it yourself! Or visit your neighborhood food truck rally for some international cuisine. Moreover, be sure to take a look at our list of New York City’s best food trucks and food carts!

Make the most of longer days and take advantage of guided horse-and-carriage, bike, walking, or pedicab tours through New York’s parks – horse and carriage, bicycle, walking or pedicab are all great choices – don’t forget Central Park Zoo, playgrounds and sports!

And for music enthusiasts, New York offers many free or affordable shows throughout its parks and beyond. SummerStage, one of New York City’s favorite summer concert series, boasts a stellar line-up of musicians such as T-Pain, Snail Mail and Corinne Bailey Rae; additionally the Erie County Fair gives visitors an authentic New York experience with carnival rides, deep-fried treats and big name musical headliners!

Run Through Sprinklers

Children of all ages will enjoy this summery activity, making it an easy way to pass an afternoon. Make it more engaging by making up games where they must either skip like rabbits, gallop like horses, or waddle like penguins through the spraying water.

Attending live entertainment – be it Broadway performances or local outdoor theatre productions – is another enjoyable summer activity. Enjoy some cool air, relax with friends, and take part in live performances!

Are you passionate about arts and crafts? Why not enroll in a pottery class as an enjoyable pastime that will yield some gorgeous dishes or decor pieces as the end product?

Capture summer memories by creating a time capsule; an engaging project that can become something to look forward to next summer and is also an enjoyable way for you and your family to bond over quality time together.

Invite some friends over and host an unforgettable paint-and-sip night! No matter whether it takes place indoors or out, you’ll all have plenty of fun bonding over a shared interest in reading.

Outdoor Movie Night

If a full-fledged vacation is not in the cards, turn a local park or outdoor cinema into your own DIY drive-in theater with a large projector screen and cozy seating arrangements. Serve a selection of popcorn, candy and other treats as well as fresh fruits and veggies to encourage healthier choices for movie-goers. For added fun roll out a red carpet (a DIY runner from any hardware store should work) for birthday kids to sit on as director’s chairs are filled with plastic sunglasses for photo opportunities!

Select movies with themes related to drama or comedy genres; decades like golden age Hollywood; or specific franchises like Marvel movies or Disney classics for an outdoor movie night with an intriguing storyline and encourage guests to dress according to that movie theme for added immersion and enjoyment.

Food tours offer an ideal way to break out from your hometown routine and experience all that summer has to offer while trying new foods and discovering local gems. Experience summer heat while taking part in an adventure-filled food tour – you may discover new foods you never knew existed!

Hang a Hammock

Long days and ample sunlight make it easy to embrace summer by relaxing outside or engaging in simple activities you loved as a kid, like watching classic films at a drive-in or playing your childhood games in your yard with family members. Or why not go back to basics by learning how to hang a hammock!

Providing you have enough room, hammocks are an ideal way to enjoy a leisurely summer day and make any picnic extra memorable. Hang it from a tree in your backyard or use chains as shaded seating areas so you can read or nap away the hours in peace and serenity.

Though it can be tempting to stick with the same old bars and restaurants, try taking a day trip out of town with friends or coworkers and touring local eateries together – you might discover new favorites! Doing this will keep the summer spirit alive!

Bike Ride

Cycling enthusiasts, now is an excellent time of year to tack up miles while taking in breathtaking scenery. Bike riding can be enjoyed by the whole family; whether training for your next century ride, or simply wanting an invigorating cardio and mood boost. Our selection of bike trailers makes it simple for riders to bring kids, pets, hydration packs and any other gear necessary.

Even if your kids don’t show much enthusiasm for cycling, they can still have plenty of fun on bike rides by playing bicycle games. Create an obstacle course in your driveway using cones so your young riders can try running over them while honing their riding skills.

For an exciting, more challenging bike ride, why not take your kids on an excursion on a nature trail or even to a local mountain bike park? Exploring these natural sites provides great opportunity to gain knowledge about local environment, wildlife and geology.

Create extra fun on your summer hikes by using a GPS app to track your progress and set rewards when reaching certain milestones. Or make it into a game by inviting friends or family members along for nature walks and hikes!