How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship

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Long distance relationships can be daunting, yet successful; all it requires is some extra patience and commitment from both partners.

One advantage of long-distance relationships is that they prevent you from taking each other for granted and provide time for focussing on personal development and progressing individually.

1. Keep the communication open

Establishing strong communication is the cornerstone of long distance relationships. Be sure to regularly check in and share details from your day (even small ones!). Sending “good morning” and “good night” texts can also help recreate that physical feeling!

Always be wary of over-communicating, as this may become a way of compensating for lack of physical intimacy and could become exhausting. Make an effort to diversify types of communication – texting is fine but try calling or video chatting occasionally or sending physical letters or packages!

Communication is also key when setting expectations and planning. If neither partner agrees on what they want from their relationship, frustration and disappointment could ensue. Being open and honest about your desires will make things much simpler for both of you. If the conversation becomes contentious or your discussions become heated, consider speaking with a therapist – Zencare offers a directory where you can search for one to suit your needs, including filters by specialties to narrow your search further.

2. Don’t let the distance get to you

Long distance relationships can be challenging, but not impossible. Open communication, respect and trust can go a long way toward keeping your relationship healthy. If it seems as though things are heading in an unhealthy direction in your relationship it is essential that discussions take place regarding this matter as soon as possible; additionally it is also helpful to remember that relationships do end even without long distance considerations being present.

Before embarking on a long distance relationship, it’s essential that both partners engage in detailed conversations about expectations and boundaries of your long distance relationship. Be sure to discuss issues such as dealing with attraction to other partners, commitment level and sexual activity – it may even help if you set a specific date when you want to see one another again!

Long distance relationships require extraordinary patience, loyalty and love in order to flourish. But with proper communication, planning, and hard work you can make them work if done correctly. Just stay positive, focus on the positives, and don’t forget to have fun! Good luck with that! Have any tips for long distance dating relationships that we should know about? Feel free to share in the comments section – we would love to hear them! Be sure to also visit our blog for advice about dating and relationships.

3. Focus on the positives

Distance can be challenging for long distance couples, but it doesn’t need to be fatal for their relationship. What matters is how each reacts: insecurity, mistrust, bitterness pride or indolence could spell death for the romance whereas confidence trust humility diligence true love would keep their romance flourishing and thrive!

Focusing on the positives can help long-distance couples stay happy and healthy during their separation. Regular communication is essential, as is being open and honest about sensitive topics such as how to handle attraction, manage time alone and prevent jealousy – such topics should all be part of any healthy long-distance relationship.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle and take time for yourself. Spending all your time focused on your partner may lead to feelings of resentment and the lack of other aspects of life – so make sure you exercise, visit friends, and work on any hobbies or passion projects!

4. Make time for yourself

Finding time for yourself when in a long distance relationship may seem impossible, but it’s essential that we remember we are individuals with our own interests and needs that shouldn’t be lost sight of.

Make sure that you’re taking time for yourself, spending time with friends and family as well. Maintaining an awareness of identity and self-worth are crucial parts of maintaining healthy long distance relationships.

Spend less time obsessively thinking about your significant other if jealousy arises; don’t allow your thoughts to spiral out of control and don’t compare your relationship to any others (both LDRs and not).

Long distance relationships may not be for everyone, but with enough effort and dedication they can be highly successful. Open communication, mutual respect, and trust can make for a delightful long distance experience between two individuals who truly care for one another – good luck with that journey!

5. Be patient

Long distance relationships require patience from both partners. Establish a regular time when you and your partner will talk so as not to spend your day waiting for a text or call from them; use this time instead for other activities in life or developing yourself further as an individual.

Keep in mind that long distance relationships can work when both partners put forth effort. There’s no guarantee you’ll fall in love, but by persevering you may find lasting happiness with someone living far away.

Keep in mind that what kills a long distance relationship is not the distance itself but its couples’ negative reactions. If either you and/or your partner react with insecurity, mistrust, hatred, or prideful thoughts toward each other, your long distance relationship will surely perish; but if instead both respond with confidence, trust, and genuine affection towards one another then your long distance romance could flourish!