Find A Bed That Works For Your Dog At Home Or At The Cottage

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As you prepare to head for a cottage for a winter vacation, do not forget about your dogs and their needs. Anyone can pack a few blankets for their dog, but how would you, as a dog owner, like to sleep on a cold floor with only a few blankets for support? It is so easy to take your dog with you to the cottage — and to ensure their comfort — when you have a cottage-ready dog bed. Choosing the right bed is the imperative to them getting a great night’s sleep. While many people choose to leave the bed at their cottages and get another one for home, others choose to buy one easily transportable dog bed.

Regardless of the number of dog beds that you choose to buy, make sure that they are from a dog bed provider that you can trust and shares your love of four-legged friends. The cover should be made of a sturdy fabric such as canvas, micro-fibers or Cordura, ensuring that the dog can enjoy the same bed for a long time. Look for beds with moldable covers that are machine washable. Many dogs, especially long-haired dogs, shed while laying down so make sure to look for a bed that is easy to care for so that you do not hate the job of cleaning the bed.

One way to ensure this is to look for a cover that is held on by Velcro strips so that can be easily removed. Since you may not know exactly what your dog may bring to its bed, it is usually a great idea to get one that is stain resistant, mildew resistant and water repellent. One retailer that offers all of the above is Mammoth Outlet, an online retailer that has been catering to dogs and dog lovers for over 20 years. Visit to peruse a massive selection of Donut and rectangular bed varieties for dogs of every size and breed, with options for memory foam, and made from furniture-grade materials.

The truth is that dogs, especially large ones, sleep so much better when they have their own bed. If your pooch is used to sleeping in bed with you, training them to sleep in their own bed also ensures that you get a great night’s sleep. If you have an aging or senior dog, then having them sleep in a memory foam orthopedic bed can even help them feel better. For example, dogs who have hip dysplasia, the leading cause of lameness in the rear legs of dogs, will get better night’s sleep on an orthopedic bed, which enables them to move more easily the next day. In fact, this principle applies to all dogs with joint problems, including arthritis, elbow disease and intervertebral disc disease.

You look forward to your time on vacation — and so should your dog. Help your dog enjoy the time away by getting him a cottage-ready dog bed all his own. That way, he will be ready when you are to enjoy all the adventures that your vacation holds.