Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids 2024

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Shopping for kids should be about gifts that go beyond initial excitement of opening wrapping paper. Here are our picks for toys that cultivate STEM skills or craft kits to enhance creativity – our top picks will keep them engaged for hours!

Assist children in becoming master coding engineers with this interactive robot compatible with iPads and other tablets. Or inspire tweens to become scientists by providing hands-on science experiments each month.

1. DJI Ryze Tech Tello Mini Drone Quadcopter

Children are always on the move and their minds are active with curiosity. Finding toys that engage both their natural energy and intuitive sides are great ways to help children develop new skills, so here are our favorite toys for kids that foster movement and learning.

For young ones beginning their drone flying experience, this small drone offers an accessible and cost-effective option. Easy to setup and with features designed to teach basic drone flight concepts. Also suited for adults wanting an introduction into flying as it has protective guards which keep fingers away from its fast-moving rotor blades.

Tello stands out among many entry-level drones we’ve tested; we found no more compelling option than it. Though not meant for serious moviemaking or long-distance flying, Tello makes for the ideal way for kids to play around their backyard or local park without much concern for video or image quality of more costly models.

If the 11-year-old boy in your life loves science, this National Geographic dinosaur dig kit will let him unearth three fossils–such as a mosasaur tooth, bone and stool–including one from Mosasaurs. Plus, its vibrant learning guide encourages STEM-related activities.

Squishmallows will make an adorable addition to any child’s collection! With multiple shapes available from frogs to pineapples, Squishmallows make great collectibles that add some cute fun.

2. Meta Quest 2 Advanced All-in-One Virtual Reality Headset

For kids looking for an escape, this headset is an enjoyable and affordable solution. Compatible with SteamVR games (sold separately), no extra cameras or bulky devices are required and setup requires no cables – Good Housekeeping Institute Media & Tech Lab analysts and engineers recommend this product for ages 10 years old or above.

Engage 8-year-old girls by giving them toys that nurture their creative and intuitive sides, such as this fairy-themed jar that allows them to discover virtual fairies. Or tap into their interest in STEM with this at-home science experiment kit which introduces programming concepts by having them build and test electronic switchboards with hands-on blocks.

Tweens and teens love listening to music, podcasts, audiobooks and audiobooks so a pair of headphones is an essential gift. JLAB earbuds boast over 30,000 five-star reviews making them comfortable enough for long car trips or video game sessions.

Designed specifically to make Sherlock Holmes easier for children to comprehend, this set of 16 books retold for younger readers is the perfect gift for Sherlock fans in your teen’s life – perfect as an early birthday present, too! Also makes an ideal present for soon-to-be big sisters!

Kids can sharpen their coding skills while feeling like wizards with this Kano Coding Kit that enables them to construct a wand that responds to their movements via the free Kano App (tablet not included). Packed with more than 200 challenges, spells, and sounds that’ll have them feeling like Harry Potter himself – perfect for fans of puzzles or fidget toys alike!

3. Lego Marvel Super Heroes Hall of Armor Set

Kids this age are naturally curious about how things work, making this an excellent opportunity to present them with a STEM toy that allows them to conduct simple experiments at home. This kit introduces children to fundamental concepts from physics, chemistry, biology and math while encouraging them to observe results closely.

Kids will love this amazing fish tank that allows them to assemble and arrange their favorite sea creatures while learning more about how these species live and thrive in their natural environments. Additionally, this kit comes equipped with a colorful display stand so they can show off their creations to family and friends!

Though its price may seem steep for a LEGO set, consider all it offers: The Hall of Armor set brings iconic locations from Iron Man movies to life and will delight Marvel fans who’d like reliving memorable scenes from these movies.

This set features many exciting elements to discover, such as its rotating podium with posable robotic arms; desk with translucent blue screen and minifigure chair; kitchen module featuring buildable smoothie maker and cup elements; weapons storage modules for Mark V and Mark XXV armors; radar dish element and safety barrier elements; as well as an open crate labelled Tony’s Toys with Cheese Burger microfigure addition, plus many others.

Though some Marvel toys may fall short in terms of matching their films’ inspirations, this set does an outstanding job capturing Stark’s workshop’s design. Plus, its compatibility with other Super Hero sets adds further appeal – this set truly stands out among Marvel toys as an impressive choice for fans looking to expand their collections! Overall, Marvel Toys have produced another winner in the form of the 76125 set!

4. Alex Toys Little Hands Picture Mosaic

Children of all ages will appreciate this fun and creative kit for kids of all ages. Kids can create five mosaic pictures using hundreds of colorful shape and photo stickers to form five impressive mosaic pictures with this kit, decorating their pieces to look like a lion, house, birthday cake, cereal bowl or flowers – perfect activities for rainy days and parties!

Toddlers love toys that develop their motor skills, such as building blocks or play dough. If you want to go the extra mile, giving a personalized book as a present would show how much your child is loved and appreciated.

At four-years old, finding gifts that foster creativity and social skills is essential. A scavenger hunt like Bluey’s provides them with the chance to cooperate with other players while sharpening their problem-solving abilities – plus it features their favourite character! This game will surely make for a wonderful present this holiday season!

5-year-olds will appreciate any gifts that encourage their imagination and introduce them to new concepts, making STEM toys such as this ThinkFun one ideal. It helps develop spatial reasoning and planning skills through 60 challenges, and has garnered thousands of positive reviews both from parents and children.

If your 5-year-old is passionate about science experiments, this DIY edible slime kit should be on their wishlist. Complete with all of the ingredients (such as gummy bear and birthday cake-flavored slime), they’ll enjoy this hands-on activity at home while learning chemistry and science at once! This DIY edible slime kit allows them to experiment at home while having loads of fun.

5. Sew-a-Stuffed Animals Craft Kit

This kit is ideal for children looking to sew their own stuffed animal. It contains everything they’ll need – including an easy 34-page step-by-step instruction booklet – plus fabric, thread, and stuffing for nine projects – helping develop fine motor skills while teaching kids to sew!

For children who love drawing, the Gohero Drawing Projector is an engaging creative toy. Using images projected onto its base, children can trace over them with markers and stencils – or use it on its own for easy clean-up! Plus, its base can easily be wipeable for fast cleanup!

Educational Insights Kanoodle provides 200 logical thinking puzzles to keep children busy for hours on end, featuring 2D or 3D shapes that can be made into 2D or 3D shapes and are portable for on-the-go play. Plus, its handy carrying case lets kids bring it with them anywhere – be it to class or family outings.

Keep 8-year-old girls engaged with toys that foster learning while also offering fun. The Osmo Coding Starter Kit, compatible with iPads and Amazon Fire Tablets, introduces children to coding concepts through hands-on games while building fine motor skills in an engaging technology outlet separate from their screens.

Slime has quickly become one of the most beloved toys among kids today, so give them this National Geographic Mega Slime Lab so they can experiment and create their own slimy masterpieces without creating a mess in your home. Safe and nontoxic materials prevent accidental spillage while glow-in-the-dark elements add an additional effect. ALEX Brands recently unveiled Loopies which allows kids to craft DIY stuffed animals using mesh pockets that can be filled with soft chenille yarn and pulled out like crochet hooks for even more creative play.