Bentley and Range Rover Comparison

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Bentley and Range Rover Comparison

Mat is indebted to the Bentley Bentayga for its unique combination of luxuriousness and driver reward; as well as its off-road capabilities. However, he notes that driving the Range Rover Sport remains enjoyable.

Pasadena drivers will appreciate the Range Rover Autobiography’s impressive standard V8 engine. However, its suspension may experience wear-and-tear, with air struts becoming worn and control arm bushings sometimes torn away by heavy use.

Bentley Auto Body Repair

Bentley was established with the goal of crafting vehicles that combined luxury and power, which they achieved successfully by producing six Le Mans wins in their short history. Though not cheap, Bentley vehicles are known for being reliable. When collision or crash damage does occur however, Brandywine Coach Works provides expert auto body repair to return your Bentley to pre-accident condition.

Our shop is proud to be recognized by Bentley as an Authorized Collision Repair Facility, meaning our technicians have received training on all the newest models, service bulletins from their Crewe headquarters and use exclusive BASF Glasurit paints specified by Bentley.

We know you expect nothing but the best when bringing your Bentley to us for repairs, which is why we only use genuine Bentley parts when working on your vehicle. These precision made parts, designed like Swiss watch components for maximum performance and longevity, come backed with a two year warranty to ensure optimal performance of your vehicle. Only authorized Bentley repairers can use such genuine parts.

Bentley Service

Bentley vehicles are among the world’s most luxurious automobiles. To keep them performing at their best, however, they require proper servicing from time to time. Therefore, it is crucial that you find a mechanic with experience servicing Bentley models who understands how best to care for them. They will quickly diagnose any problems so your car can be fixed promptly.

Bentley mechanics adhere to a maintenance and service schedule recommended by the manufacturer, which ensures that the car will return to the owner in top condition. Repair specialists specializing in Bentley repairs will have access to software updates, specific diagnostic tools and genuine Bentley parts which have been precisely manufactured – much like components in Swiss watches – with performance and durability in mind.

Many Bentley dealers provide a collection and delivery service, which allows your Bentley to be collected directly from home or work and taken to their facility for servicing and/or repairs. This eliminates the inconvenience of having to bring your car into the dealership yourself for servicing, as you can rest easy knowing your car is always safe from harm’s way.

Range Rover Service

The Range Rover pioneered the luxury SUV phenomenon and continues to be an impressive option for drivers seeking an all-terrain vehicle with plenty of adaptability. Many drivers misinterpret its maintenance costs as prohibitive, but in reality these luxury vehicles are quite inexpensive when compared with others on the market.

The annual cost of ownership for a Range Rover stands at an estimated average of $1,258, well above industry norms but lower than comparable full-size luxury SUVs.

Price of a Range Rover depends on its maintenance needs; such as oil changes, brake inspections, and tire replacements. Staying up-to-date with these tasks will keep your Range Rover in great shape while prolonging its lifespan.

Other repairs and services you might require for your vehicle include a radiator flush, coolant change and power steering fluid flush. Furthermore, periodically changing air filters and washers is also crucial to keep things running smoothly.

For those in a pinch who require car service but can’t wait around while their vehicle is repaired, dealerships offer courtesy shuttle services as an alternative solution. This service only applies if your car repairs require services at that location; while they are being completed they will provide transportation between services.