10 Things To Know About Living In Baltimore, MD

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Baltimore, more commonly known as Charm City, boasts an expanding job market and affordable housing. Furthermore, this vibrant city hosts some of the country’s finest museums and entertainment venues.

Discover the wonders of life undersea at the National Aquarium or gain insight into Marylanders’ lives at Reginald F. Lewis Museum of African American History & Culture.

1. It’s Safe

Baltimore may seem dangerous at first glance, but in fact the city is safer now than it has ever been before. Baltimore boasts many neighborhood with low crime rates compared to many major American cities.

At night, it is possible to explore most parts of a city by foot; however, you should always remain alert and use common sense when out and about. Travel with someone or take advantage of rideshare or taxi services if carrying valuable items with you.

Baltimore may have a bad rep, but it’s actually an ideal place for families and job seekers. Additionally, Baltimore boasts an affordable cost of living relative to other East Coast cities – which makes it popular with people searching for big city amenities without incurring high expenses of living costs.

2. It’s Fun

Baltimore can be an enjoyable city to live in if you enjoy seafood (soft shell crab sandwiches are my absolute favorite!) and watching Orioles or Ravens sports teams compete. Don’t let The Wire ruin the experience for you; Baltimore offers much more!

Art enthusiasts will delight in perusing the impressive collections at The Baltimore Museum of Art or visiting Maryland Zoo to see its Penguin Coast exhibit and other dinosaur replicas as well as an outdoor observatory.

Charm City offers an abundance of craft breweries for beer enthusiasts to sample their favourite craft beverages, while its central East Coast location allows easy day trips to other cities like Washington DC, Philadelphia or New York.

3. It’s Affordable

Baltimore offers a diverse range of housing options that cater to different budgets, while boasting relatively low sales and income taxes.

Charm City can quickly add up in expenses; rents in popular neighborhoods tend to be higher than in others and utility costs are also often steep.

Before moving, it’s essential to obtain a cost-of-living estimate to avoid being caught off guard by unexpected costs. Doing this will enable you to determine whether Baltimore is suitable for you and your family as well as adjust savings/investment goals if necessary. Locals sometimes jokingly refer to Baltimore as Smalltimore due to the way residents seem to know everyone around their neighborhood – an aspect which many people enjoy while others might prefer more anonymity.

4. It’s Diverse

Baltimore offers an intriguing culture that reflects its long and distinguished history, as well as numerous food, music and theater venues to meet a range of tastes and preferences.

Baltimore’s diversity is one of its main draws for prospective residents, from an active African American community to vibrant communities made up of Caucasians and people of different ethnic backgrounds.

Baltimore is also home to prestigious universities like Johns Hopkins and other educational institutions that contribute to a vibrant learning culture. This diversity creates a vibrant, inclusive community that offers something for everyone – which makes Baltimore attractive for families with kids, young professionals and people who value a strong sense of heritage and community; especially if your neighbors know each other.

5. It’s Family-Friendly

Charm City provides top-rated schools, kid-friendly activities and affordable housing that parents want for their family. From Urban Pirates cruises for little ones to exploring out-of-this-world art at American Visionary Arts Museum – Baltimore provides plenty of family-friendly activities.

Living in Baltimore means experiencing four seasons, from vibrant spring blooms and crisp fall air, to rooting for sports teams such as the Ravens (whose mascot is named for Edgar Allen Poe) and baseball’s Orioles, while history buffs can gain an authentic perspective of Maryland through visits to museums such as Baltimore Historical Museum and Library.

6. It’s a Great Place to Work

Maryland offers ample career opportunities in various industries – finance, health care, law enforcement or otherwise – from finance and healthcare through law enforcement to law enforcement and other related fields. Furthermore, Baltimore boasts an incredibly diverse population as well as cultural events and festivals throughout the year that make for exciting professional experiences.

Baltimore is conveniently situated along the east coast and near major cities such as Washington D.C., Philadelphia and New York City – making day or weekend trips simple to enjoy all this region offers.

Though every city has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, considering one for work with great growth potential or being near family and friends can be worthwhile. Be sure to carefully weigh all potential outcomes before making your choice; consider other aspects like schools quality, weather and infrastructure as well.

7. It’s a Great Place to Eat

Baltimore is an amazing food city, boasting restaurants offering everything from comfort food classics to exotic gourmet cuisine. Plus, Baltimore’s famed seafood and lively arts scene will not disappoint.

Charm City residents are easy to love: friendly, hardworking and full of energy. Additionally, many are passionate about their sports teams as well as supporting local music and entertainment scenes.

Shopping, museums and attractions abound. Additionally, Baltimore boasts an incredible history – Francis Scott Key wrote the US national anthem after witnessing American soldiers repel British invaders from Fort McHenry during the War of 1812. Additionally, its vibrant past boasts of lots of activities to discover!

8. It’s a Great Place to Shop

Charm City offers an incredible variety of shopping options. From unique boutiques to top department stores, there’s something here for every shopper!

City life offers visitors many attractions and museums to enjoy, such as the Maryland Science Center, American Visionary Art Museum, Myerhoff Theatre and many exquisite restaurants and breweries.

Baltimoreans take immense pride in their city. They love showing it off, and will defend it vigorously against anyone who says anything negative. That’s why it’s crucial that you know exactly what to expect before moving here.

9. It’s a Great Place to Be Active

Baltimore, MD is an ideal city for families, young professionals, and singles alike to enjoy. From its lively Inner Harbor to historic neighborhoods such as Fell’s Point and beyond – whether your taste runs toward Edgar Allan Poe or Maryland crabs!- this city has something special in store.

City Life in Fort Myers provides visitors with numerous restaurants, museums and entertainment venues – not to mention being home of the iconic Star Spangled Banner! Additionally, Fort Myers boasts an enviable heritage of diversity among its inhabitants and residents alike.

Baltimore offers easy access to mountains, beaches and major cities in Virginia and Pennsylvania for an exciting urban lifestyle or just wanting an escape from its hectic pace – making it the ideal location for you!

10. It’s a Great Place to Live

Baltimore offers something for every member of your family – families can opt for neighborhoods with top schools; singles can experience Baltimore’s lively downtown; retirees can explore charming historic areas like Fell’s Point or Roland Park.

Popular HBO television show The Wire may have created a negative image of Baltimore; however, while some issues raised on the show may be true, others are exaggerated or based on hearsay. While crime rates remain elevated in certain parts of Baltimore, living there should still be safe if reasonable precautions are taken by new arrivals.

If you’re seeking an ideal location on the East Coast with affordable housing and delectable seafood options, Baltimore could be worth your consideration. Here are 10 essential facts about moving to Charm City to help make an informed decision about whether Charm City is indeed suitable.