10 Iconic Cartoon Characters With Big Lips

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Cartoons have provided decades of entertainment and an engaging new way of seeing the world, and one of their signature characteristics are animated characters with big lips – one of their signature visual cues!

Betty Boop has become an iconic character in animation history with her full lips and femme fatale vibe.

1. Goofy

Goofy is one of the few characters with both wife and son as his main focus in cartoon shorts; though rarely seen himself he often takes on household duties as part of being a family man.

His typical ensemble includes a vest, shirt, pants, gloves and shoes as well as an iconic fedora-like tall hat designed with a goofy personality and signature laughter.

Goofy has long been a favorite of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, serving as Max Goof’s father and offering humorous comic relief in his comedic antics. However, Goofy often comes off as hopelessly clumsy and dim-witted; Pinto Colvig often provided his voice, though Walker Edmiston took over for various Disney records starting in 1974. Additionally, his character has undergone changes over time including a younger look with larger eyes.

2. Daffy Duck

Daffy Duck, one of the most beloved cartoon characters ever created, serves as an embodiment of classic screwball personalities. From his eccentric behaviour and iconic lisp, Daffy Duck epitomises classic screwball traits.

Chuck Jones took this character one step further, adding his own version that was more aggressive and sinister, becoming a true villain in his portrayal.

Early cartoons depicted him as an energetic and comical screwball who frequently yelled “Hoo-hoo!” but with Jones’ adaptation he quickly transformed into more of an aggressive self-promoter; this version can still be seen today in his many shorts, as has even had its design altered slightly for modern productions; testament to both longevity and enduring popularity.

3. Dr. Facilier

Facilier is an unforgettable villain and one of Disney’s most charismatic bad guys, known for practicing dark voodoo magic and making unwitting deals with unsuspecting victims. A master manipulator, Facilier’s seductive voice and glamorous appearance make him one of its most unforgettable villains.

Dr. Facilier is an immoral con artist, willing to put at risk thousands of lives just for money. With no conscience and no respect for human life, he would do anything for it; murdering Ray or betraying Lawrence being among his crimes of profiteering from them both.

He also possesses the power of shapeshifting into animal form, as evidenced by him turning Lawrence and Naveen into frogs. Additionally, he’s adept at using trickery and deception in order to activate all his powers; and can only access them fully when fulfilling someone else’s wishes.

4. Pete Puma

Big-lip cartoon characters provide voice actors with a fun platform on which to showcase their talent and practice their craft. Voice actors can experiment with various styles and voices until they find one they like in order to establish themselves within the industry.

Robert McKimson’s 1952 short film Rabbits Kin would not be nearly as memorable without Pete Puma, an unintelligent puma who stands as one of the main obstacles to Porky Pig and Petunia’s romance. Stan Freberg provides him with an hilarious voice performance which cements his place as a must-watch character.

Pete Puma made appearances in several other cartoons aside from Rabbits Kin. These included Trick or Tweet and Mouse and Garden from Sylvester; Pullet Surprise from Foghorn Leghorn; Pullet Surprise Sunday Night Slice from Foghorn Leghorn; Tiny Toon Adventures as Acme Looniversity Janitor as well as several episodes from The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries.

5. Sebastian from “The Little Mermaid”

Sebastian the crab serves at King Triton’s bidding in Disney’s 1989 version of “The Little Mermaid.” Voiced by Samuel E. Wright, his full name is Horatio Thelonious Ignacious Crustaceous Sebastian.

Sebastian was not originally included in Hans Christian Andersen’s original tale, yet is an essential character that forms a close paternal relationship between Ariel and himself, often going against Triton’s orders for her happiness. Howard Ashman was responsible for adding dimension to this lively sea creature.

Sebastian can be seen riding Ariel’s float during Paint the Night parade and waving to guests at Disney California Adventure’s World of Color preshow, while also making an appearance in 2023 live action film in bubble sequence dancing to “Under the Sea.” Additionally, its Caribbean-influenced soundtrack contains many traditional calypso and reggae tracks such as one by Third World who provided rhythm tracks for its album.

6. Joe Jitsu from “Dick Tracy”

Joe Jitsu, an officer on Dick Tracy’s force, is distinguished by the distinctive lips that define his character. Joe Jitsu is a Japanese detective characterized by mispronouncing “L’s” and frequently bowing, drawing criticism for being used as a racist stereotype. Joe Jitsu’s appearance, accent, mastery of martial arts skills and polite demeanor were representative of popular depictions of Asian people following World War II.

Lilo from 2020’s charming film about a girl who turns into a wolf stands out for being such an endearing and charismatic character despite her rather unruly demeanor, even as the film earned an Oscar nomination in its short form category. The character packs plenty of personality into such a small frame! She can be moody or misbehaving but remains endearing; clearly hurt by the loss of both parents she was awarded an Academy Award nomination as Best Animated Short.

7. Olive Oyl from “Popeye”

Elzie Crisler Segar created Olive Oyl as one of his fictional characters for his comic strip Thimble Theater in 1919; eventually this comic strip would come to be known as Popeye! Olive was popular throughout media adaptations of Thimble Theater as well as subsequent animated shorts; Ham Gravy and Castor Oyl eventually faded into relative obscurity while Olive became the focus of attention in all media adaptations and shorts related to Popeye!

Olive was first depicted as an extremely skinny young woman with rail-thin legs and large feet, frequently wearing an uninspiring flat skirt and often sporting her tight coils gathered into a bun.

Mae Questel voiced Olive Oyl in early Popeye cartoons produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions and King Features Syndicate in the early ’70s, however in later decades Hanna-Barbera Productions and King Features Syndicate would begin producing new cartoons featuring Popeye and Olive with higher-quality animation than their earlier efforts, featuring her more assertively than before compared to prior animated versions of her character – as opposed to previous animated depictions where Olive would act cowardly or cowardly or cowardly but cowardly or cowardly than before – giving fans something different than what had previously existed before: this time she is less cowardly but more assertive than before!

8. Jessica Rabbit

Every so often, cartoon characters will add lips to enhance their comedy – this is known as an Art Shift. This might be done to react to an in-universe Plot Allergy or simply for comic effect.

Jessica Rabbit first made her debut in Gary K. Wolf’s 1981 novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit? and later featured in Robert Zemeckis’ classic 1988 film of the same name. Jessica Rabbit is depicted as an alluring flapper who works at a Los Angeles supper club and loves her husband Roger Rabbit, an iconic cartoon icon who makes frequent cameos in her movies.

Her large poodle ears and black poodle nose recall the Jazz Age, though her demure demeanor was modified after 1934 due to the Hays Code. Kathleen Turner voiced the iconic role, propelling her immediately into stardom.

9. Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson, the patriarch of the Simpson family, personifies many common American working class traits – being obese, balding, immature, aggressive and ignorant among other characteristics. Yet at the same time he remains an affectionate and protective father figure for his sons and daughter.

Quincy Magoo is another beloved cartoon character with big lips. A small-statured retiree who frequently gets himself into comical situations, Quincy Magoo remains sweet and gentle while always protecting his loved ones.

No matter if you want to become an animated voice actor or just love these iconic cartoon characters, learning their features will help get you started. Facial expressions play just as big of a role in conveying emotion as their names or catchphrases do – so pay attention to these iconic cartoons with large lips – they won’t disappoint! Animation provides endless hours of entertainment.

10. Stimpy

Although generally kind and innocent-seeming, Stimpy can have his moments. His signature “Happy, Happy Joy Joy” song has become a hallmark of Saturday Morning cartoons.

Nicktoons series The Ren & Stimpy Show debuted its inaugural episode on August 11, 1991 and stars Stimpy as an endearingly rotund Manx cat with no tail, purple eyelids, human-style butt cheeks, flat feet and a peanut-sized brain. Stimpy can often be found with his tongue hanging out humming or laughing; often found reading fan mail or caring about Ren and making him angry by showing affection he may otherwise not show; seeking Ren’s respect and admiration through episodes such as Rubber Nipple Salesmen or even dreaming about becoming like Ren himself one episode later on.