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Your Best Moving Checklist

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You might have heard that earnest of moving success is complete planning. This is why in this article we offer you not just a check-list of things, but a complete week by week plan for your relocation.

8 weeks

• Start looking for an Edmonton moving company from getting recommendations and checking the Better Business Bureau.
• If you are moving to a new city or new area, make sure to research its infrastructure such as banks, schools, hospitals, etc.

7 weeks

• Invite perspective movers to your Cochrane home to get as many estimates as you can for further comparison.
• Start researching deeper on your perspective moving company and collect all information at one binder or folder.

6 weeks

• Start packing from the least needed things and rooms. Alberta moving company experts advise not mixing up things from different rooms otherwise you will get lost during the unpacking.
• Start working with your transfer documents, including school plans, resolve any bank issues.

5 weeks

• Stop buying food to freeze it and start using your stored food to free the fridge.
• Start informing people about your relocation.
• You have already packed some things, but the biggest scope is in front of you. So movers in Cochrane advise buying moving supplies exactly a bit more than a month before the moving day.
• Make packing schedule.

4 weeks

• Change your address at all required institutions, such as post office, work, subscriptions, etc.
• Notify your employer about the moving and make sure to get days off fo the moving day.
• Book the chosen moving company and sign the contract.

3 weeks

• Proceed with packing and do not forget about labeling all your belongings.
• Separate valuables from ordinary stuff and pack it into small boxes to take with you on the moving day.

2 weeks

• Keep packing, don’t stop unless you want to forget about sleep for the last couple of days before the moving date.
• Tie up loose ends. Check your moving paperwork and confirm the change in your address.
• Create some moving packet for the next homeowners. You can include there some basic information about the neighborhood, any warranties, or recommendations. Do not forget to leave your contact information just in case.
• Clean major appliances if you will be moving them.

1 week

• Get some cash to tip your movers.
• Make sure to backup all your computers in case anything happens during the move.
• Make every family member pack suitcase for the first week at your new place.
• Last time contact your moving company to verify and confirm your relocation arrangement.
• Hire cleaners to save time and leave your home a pleasant place for new tenants.

As you can see, there is no hidden or hard science in relocation. The only thing that all Top Notch Movers advise is to make a schedule, as one offered above, and stick to it to ensure that everything goes smooth.