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Notifier NFS 320 Vs NFS 3030 – Which Fire Alarm System is Right for You?

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The NOTIFIER NFS-320 Intelligent FACP, part of their ONYX Series and UL listed, was designed specifically to address smaller addressable fire protection systems. Utilizing ONYX Sensing technology it exceeds code requirements while simplifying installation, operation and maintenance.

This panel can support up to 3,000 intelligent devices on 10 Signaling Line Circuits with three loops of notification and alarm appliances (NACs). Additionally, this system incorporates standard digital communicators as well as web portal inspection and service utilities.

Detector Points

The NFS 320 intelligent fire alarm control panel supports up to 159 addressable detector points and 318 addressable modules (panel circuits and Notification Appliance Circuits). Utilizing Notifier’s ONYX Sensing technology for ultimate life safety.

Fire alarm systems offer a full suite of features, such as Self Optimizing Pre-Alarm that enables each detector to learn its normal environment by tracking peak analog readings over time and setting alarm levels just above these peaks. Other system features include cross zoning, device blink control for sleeping areas and day / night automatic adjustment of detector sensitivity.

Notifier’s NFW-50 and NFW-100 intelligent fire protection panels provide state-of-the-art fire protection at an investment comparable to conventional systems, making them perfect for facilities needing advanced protection without investing too heavily. Utilizing powerful software similar to that found on its NFS 320 model, operational changes and upgrades are possible even years after installation; plus they can easily expand using Notifier’s NOTI-FIRE-NET network for future building expansion needs.

Detectors & Modules

Notifier’s NFS 320 fire alarm control panel meets UL 9th Edition standards to deliver state-of-the-art life safety detection and evacuation capabilities. As it’s modular in design, NFS 320 can accommodate an unlimited number of intelligent or addressable detectors/modules/devices as well as traditional devices like pull stations, two-wire smoke/notification devices and relay devices.

The ONYX Series’ NFS 320 Fire/Security Controller makes managing security and fire protection simpler for buildings of any size, making monitoring and managing safety and protection simpler than ever. Network with other ONYX panels in your facility for an integrated approach that simplifies monitoring and controlling security and fire protection in one go.

The NFS 320 was designed specifically to address smaller applications with features designed to minimize installation time, increase response times and simplify maintenance and usability. It supports up to ten Signaling Line Circuits and 3,180 intelligent devices; additionally a large 640-character LCD annunciator displays system status visually. Notifier-net provides seamless integration into Connected Life Safety Services platform for remote monitoring and expansion purposes.


The NFS 320 is part of the ONYX Series from UL, providing sophisticated functionality on a smaller scale. Installation time can be reduced dramatically while faster response times and simpler maintenance and usability help ensure greater productivity and usability for you and your users.

This panel can support up to 3,180 intelligent devices across 10 Signaling Line Circuits (SLCs), providing protection for large facilities like banks, department stores and hospitals. Furthermore, the ONYX Series panel can be networked over NOTI-FIRE-NET to facilitate future building expansion plans.

The NFS 320 features numerous standard programming options, such as self optimizing pre-alarm, control by time with holidays, detector blink control, device sensitivity testing and alarm verification per point/tally to indicate when detectors have been activated – reducing nuisance alarms by not allowing detectors to falsely activated. Furthermore, it keeps a history buffer of up to 800 events that is stored nonvolatile memory for easy review of events that take place over time.


The NFS 320 from NOTIFIER’s ONYX series of intelligent fire alarm control panels is UL listed and suitable for protecting small buildings or networking multiple devices to cover larger campuses or high-rise office buildings. Furthermore, this fire alarm control panel is compatible with Notifier First Command voice evacuation system and supports both standard digital and IP communicators for increased protection.

Detector Maintenance Alert is an automated interrogation of panels which sends out signals to any connected devices when their status changes, such as when detectors enter trouble mode. It is an invaluable resource that reduces installation costs and speeds up system repairs time.

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