Dengue Fever Epidemic Spreads, More Than 1,000 People Dead

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More than 1,000 people have died in Bangladesh since the beginning of the year from dengue virus infection, which is spreading due to the climate crisis and rising temperatures, the country’s authorities have confirmed.

According to the records of the General Directorate of Health Services of Bangladesh, 1,017 people have died from the mosquito-borne disease since January this year, CNN reported on Monday.

Dengue fever is an endemic disease in the country, with infections typically peaking during the monsoon season between July and September. However, this year, the number of cases has begun to rise much earlier, as early as April.

The extended monsoon season, with higher temperatures and heavy rainfall, has created ideal conditions for the breeding of Aedes mosquitoes, which are the carriers of dengue, medical experts have confirmed.

This year, the number of deaths among people infected with the dengue virus is almost four times higher than last year, when 281 people died.

In September alone this year, more than 79,600 cases of infection and 396 deaths have been reported, confirmed the health services of Bangladesh.